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Chasing the Mirrorball

It's been ten weeks. And it's the finals. It's our last chance to vote for the champion who will win the ridiculous mirrorball trophy. I would actually like this show to be a little MORE over the top. Like I get that Tom doesn't take himself that seriously, and I'm sure the editors are snickering when they open the show with a dramatic score, but there are people who probably take it totally at face value.

Is it... I think... Brooke isn't wearing a bandage dress! What? WHAT? Are we in a flash-sideways universe that turns out to actually be... wait, I wouldn't spoil that for you. I mean, it's not a spoiler, but if you haven't watched the Lost finale yet, the last place you would think you would have to worry would be this weecap, so forget it. Anyway, Brooke definitely is wearing a Bumpit or some kind of crazy hairpiece. They introduce the final three couples. I think Nicole is actually just wearing lingerie. Tom and Brooke introduce the order of the evening - first, each couple will do a "redemption dance," a routine chosen by the judges, because they think the couple should have done better at it the first time around. And then there are the freestyles, which are always somehow disappointing, aren't they?

Erin and Maks are up first, and in their rehearsals this week, they were visited by Bruno. He is there to help them with their samba, and he tells Erin that she can win, but she needs to believe it. Bruno gives her some very specific physical tricks to try, and when she does, he yells out, "Look at the ass! Look at the ass!" Bruno! This is a family show. I am actually kind of surprised that got through in the 8:00 hour. Maybe I misheard him? Anyway, Erin realizes that this is the finals and she needs to suck it up and stop feeling sorry for herself.

How does this translate to their samba? Well, they start out with some business where Maks pretends he's going to take his vest off (he's barely wearing a shirt in the first place) and Erin stops him. Save it for the freestyle, sister. You're supposed to be showing how you've improved in this one. The actual dance is good, and Erin looks like she's actually having fun but I would like to see them dancing together more, instead of just a bunch of set pieces. They finish with Erin dancing by Bruno while Maks dances by Carrie Ann and then they both kiss Len. Less crap, more dancing. What a waste. This was their last dance before the freestyle! Time to show that Erin has learned technique. She could totally persuade people to vote for her by using the "I've improved the most and that's what this show is about" gambit. Boo. I mean, it was good, but it should have been way better. They get a standing ovation anyway.

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