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Evan came straight from the Olympics and also toured with Stars on Ice during the season. Anna knew she could throw a lot at him because of his training, but like Pinocchio, he had to become a real boy in order to gain notice. So now they have to do their quickstep after Nicole was just given her coronation. Plus, it's a quickstep, which I love, but I think most people identify more with the jive. It's just more fun to watch. I mean, it's a decent quickstep, but it's not even the best quickstep I've ever seen on the show. Don't ask me whose was better. It's late and I'm tired. But I know it wasn't this one. The judges tell Evan that they might not win on points, but he has won people's hearts. Carrie Ann loved how he took criticism. Len says he was a joy to watch. And seriously, any other season, he would have won this thing hands down. Poor guy. Backstage, Evan says how much he values his bond with Anna, and then they get a 28. Holy crap! I was sure they would get a perfect score. Oh well, they know they didn't win, so they don't care. They have a total of 108 points.

And it is finally time to announce the winner. Tense music. Lights up. And the winner is...Nicole and Derek. Anna has the best look on her face. It's like, "Well, that happened." Nicole is screaming, which is kind of annoying, because it's not like this was a surprise. Derek is thrilled. I do find that kind of charming because he's won before, so this could be not as fun this time around. Evan gives his diplomatic ice skating response to Brooke's stupid questions while Anna pretends to smile. And then Mark is right there to hoist Derek on his shoulders, like maybe they should remember that Nicole is the star here, not Derek. I wonder if Derek is leaving the show and that's why he cared so much. Kate has to insert herself in the mix, so she can get more camera time. Anyway, it's Nicole and Derek. See you back here for next season, which Tom just told me premieres September 20th.

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