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After the break, it's time to rehash more of the season. Especially Jake in his underwear. And Kate being terrible. That leads to a new dance by Jake dancing with Chelsie and Dmitry dancing with his fiancée (apparently, I didn't watch the show) Vienna. Really? Her name is Vienna? She looks like a Sears catalog model. And is kind of a horseface. Anyway, at the end, they dance together, and no one cares.

Tom introduces a clip package telling us the top five arguments of the season. Number five is when Nicole told Derek that he was on the wrong side. Number four was when Aiden cursed out Edyta and she left. Number three was when Jake let the façade drop and told Chelsie that he was ordering her to do something. Number two was when Maks stomped around like a toddler and then the first best worst argument is when Kate was an asshole and Tony quit. If only that had stuck.

Kelly Monaco is in the audience and Tom asks her if she argued with her partner, Alec, that much. Kelly kind of throws Alec under the bus and says that they argued a lot and she almost got a new partner before the season even started. Wow. That's not the answer I expected. Apolo saves the day when he talks about how awesome this season is and he wishes he could dance like the three finalists do.

So now they're going to reveal who came in third and eliminate that couple immediately. Will it be Erin, Evan, or Nicole? Oh, boo. It's Erin and Maks. Anna actually looks disappointed, but maybe she's just sad for them. Erin gets her final interview. She admits that she knew that Evan and Nicole would be in the finals, but that she joined the show under kind of crappy circumstances, and she did it to get her life back together, so she feels like she won. Tom says that Maks even seems emotional, and Maks denies it but gives a really nice speech about how he has learned a lot about himself this season. People will be reading a lot into those few words, I'm sure. Man, I didn't know I was rooting for them until they got eliminated. In their clip package, Maks talks a lot about how he had to get Erin to get out of her head and just dance and let go. Erin says that Maks brought her back to life, and he says that seeing her happy was his finals. They hug. And they get to do their final dance, the cha cha cha. It's weird because there is a lot of walking around and not much dancing. Was this supposed to be their real final dance if they hadn't been eliminated? Because that would have sucked. Maybe there were a lot of lifts and stuff and they decided not to do them if they were eliminated. I mean, it's a cute dance but it's not that great. I don't get it.

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