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I feel like this season has been just about the right length. Last season, by the time we got to the finale, I was totally burnt out on the show and dancing and typing and satin and sequins and everything. But while I'm ready for this season to be over, I don't feel like I want to throw something at my television. So good job, producers, for reducing the number of initial contestants. Now, next season, how about we try not to stack the deck so hard that anyone with half a brain could have picked two of the three finalists after the first episode? Thanks. And also, I want to give a shout-out to Emily, who enjoyed my Miley Cyrus rant last week. She and my husband may be the only people reading these things as far as I know, and he has to by marital law, but I appreciate both of my readers.

Four months ago, Evan Lysacek was winning a gold medal, Erin Andrews was reporting on the sidelines of various sporting events, and Nicole Scherzinger was recording an album. Then they met their dance pros. Then they danced. And got judged, sometimes harshly. But also, more recently, won the judges praise. But they would still get frustrated in rehearsals, even as recently as yesterday. And now we're all the way up to this very moment, as the three remaining couples walk out from backstage. That was actually very well done, especially the fast-forwarded montage of everything from four months ago until now. It was very Lost (that's not really a spoiler, but seriously, if you wanted to watch the finale, and you haven't yet, what are you doing on the Internet?)

They have gotten super fancy the last few seasons with the lighting, Anyway, they start playing "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters and all of the non-finalist couples and their pros come back out. Smartly, they have the actual pros dance together and the stars mostly stand on the stage and shimmy their shoulders or shake their hips. Then each pro/star couple gets a short walk down the center of the floor. Shannen and Mark actually do a dance move, which is kind of Shannen's Eff You to those who caused her to be the first voted out, especially when Damien just carries Pam (is she injured?). And Kate and Tony are last and Kate looks like my nephew in his preschool Christmas concert, when he got the Cindy Brady stare. She's the worst. THE WORST! How hard is it to walk down the stage in time to the music and then walk back, holding a fan? And yet she totally screws it up. At least she's trying to smile. Blergh. I hate her. Anyway, after all of the non-finalists have had a moment (minus Chad, who is allegedly injured, but that's convenient), they pull back to reveal the three final couples standing on the stage now.

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