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Time for more results! The next couple who will be going through are... Evan and Anna. And we have to wait until after the commercial to find out more. So joining Chad and Cheryl in the bottom two will be either Niecy and Louis or Erin and Maks. So who is safe? Erin and Maks.

So that means the bottom two are Chad and Cheryl and Niecy and Louis. That's about right. We don't even get to hear Len say who he thinks should go home, because he would probably say either one is fine with him. So who's going home? Niecy and Louis. No surprise there. I will miss her though. I hope, like many of the other comedians who have been on the show, she returns in future seasons to do a segment of her own commenting on the action. Niecy tells Brooke that she has "three C-sections under her belt" and she's impressed that she made it so far against such tough competition. Tom tells Niecy that he's been a fan of hers for a long time, and he expected her to be bombastic, but he was surprised by her elegance. Niecy thanks him and thanks her mom and boyfriend. Cue the clip package about her journey. Aw, I got goosebumps. Love her. I would take ten Niecys over one Evan, because at least she has some personality. For her final dance, Niecy requests something to "get crunk" and I'm not sure what the band starts playing, but it seems lame. Niecy makes the best of it. That should be her one-woman Broadway show: Niecy Makes the Best Of It.

Watch the results and see who we think the most ill-advised contestants were.

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