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Last week, Jake went home and cried about it. Boo hoo! This week, in addition to their individual dances, the couples will participate in a team dance called the Cha Cha Challenge. I do like a group dance; it means more chances for someone to fall down. It always throws me off when Tom doesn't start the show by yelling LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! I wonder why he does it sometimes and not other times?

The couples are introduced and walk down the stairs. It's Cheryl's birthday, did you know? Wow, Nicole looks really stoned. I think she and Pam were hanging out before the show, because her eyes are like slits and she's REALLY into the music. Maybe they split a Vicodin or something. Pamela looks radiant. I don't know if it's lighting or makeup or what, but her skin looks great.

The first couple tonight is Erin and Maks. Last week, Maks got in trouble for stripping naked, but this week, they have the quickstep. Maks vows to do it properly, and adds that he might "take his pants off at the end, but just a little bit." In rehearsal, Erin tries to tell Maks that it's dumb to take his pants off at the end of the routine, because it's going to come off as disrespectful and it doesn't fit into the routine. Maks gets bitchy about it and walks out, and Erin muses that he's being a brat, which he is. I mean, clearly, he's just doing it to tweak Len and keep up his reputation as the bad boy of ballroom, but dude. You're a ballroom dancer, not a small time hood. Leave the rebellion to bad '50s movies and just show us an awesome quickstep. So how does it turn out? Well, they do a whole thing at the beginning where Maks takes off his jacket and turns it inside out and they both rip off their bottom halves to reveal... a different colored bottom half. It's cute, but it takes a lot of time, and it clearly distracts Erin and takes her a few measures to actually get into the dance. Once she does, she does well, but she seems kind of in her head. The choreography is good, but it ends with them running up the stairs like there's another wasted four measures or whatever when they could have been dancing. It just could have had more content if there wasn't so much bullshit, is what I'm saying.

Len says that he thought the start was fine because it fit the song and adds that he dreads when Maks has to dance to "Great Balls of Fire." Len! He thinks it was Erin's best dance. Bruno thought it was "slick, lightning fast," and his only criticism was slightly tense shoulders. Carrie Ann thought it was gorgeous with good body contact, attention to detail, and lines. Hmm. Maybe I was just annoyed with Maks's brattiness and couldn't see how good the routine was. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Maks says he's happy.

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