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Tom's ready to reveal some more results. The three couples in jeopardy are lined up on the stairs. Who will join Erin and Maks in the bottom two? First, there's a commercial break. The audience is like, "Bitches!" So for real, who is safe? Chad and Cheryl. That means Pamela and Damian are in the bottom two.

Tom asks Bruno what they will miss depending on which couple goes home. Bruno compliments Pamela's ability to be a character and says he's shocked to see Erin in the bottom two. Carrie Ann is also shocked. Pamela is like, "But not me?" Tom reminds everyone that it's Erin's birthday too. Len is heartbroken that one of these couples has danced for the last time. So who do they think should go home? Niecy?

Finally, Tom is ready to announce who is going home. And it's... Pamela and Damian. Well, that's about right. Pamela thanks Damian for showing her that she can dance, and hopes that he stays with the show for a long time. Damian thanks her for being so dedicated. Then they show the clip package of their journey and Pamela gets a standing ovation. Pamela says she's made a lot of friends and the experience is hard to describe. And then she and Damian do their final dance.

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