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Melissa Rycroft is going backstage to find out what some of the behind-the-scenes people do. Production Assistants get coffee and make sure people are where they are supposed to be. The conductor is in charge of the band. Wow, really? And here I thought he was in charge of wardrobe. There are twenty-four hair and makeup artists. The stage manager makes sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. The director decides which camera shots to use and directs the lighting. I think this show's director usually does pretty well. At least he comes in on time, even with the occasional wrong camera angle. It's a live show. It happens. Anyway, I guess that was cute but I would rather have seen them pick ONE job, like a PA, and really go in depth on what a typical day is like.

Tonight's big dance routine is from the latest Cirque du Soleil show, which celebrates Elvis. It's quite impressive and gymnastic. I wonder if the DWtS pros watch this and try to get ideas. This was probably my favorite Stars of Dance performance of the season. There were just people flying all over the place.

Train is back to perform "Drops of Jupiter." I used to think this song's lyrics were "Van Halen is overrated" instead of "And heaven is overrated." And I was like, "Why are they picking on poor old Eddie Van Halen? 1984 was an awesome album." And then someone heard me singing it and corrected me and I was really embarrassed. It's kind of like how every time I hear the song "She Will Be Loved," I sing the words, "There Will Be Blood" like the movie title. I have a problem. Anyway, Louis and... is that Karina? I can't even tell. I think so. Man, we haven't seen her in forever. I kind of forgot she existed. Whoa, Louis does a full split at the end. That's impressive. Even Pat Monahan is like, "Dude."

Backstage, Brooke talks to Niecy, Evan, and Nicole, the three stars who are safe so far. Brooke asks Niecy what she's going to do to catch up with Evan and Nicole. Niecy says that she's got something they don't, and when she figures out what that is, she'll use it. Brooke asks Nicole how she can live up to Carrie Ann's expectations. Nicole says she's going to give 250%. If I were Niecy, I would yell out that I was going to give 300%. Evan says that he's surprised to see Erin and Maks in the bottom, and gives another diplomatic answer about Nicole. Niecy is like, "Um, I'm right here! You don't have to act like it's only between Evan and Nicole." (Even though it totally is).

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