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The musical guest this week is Train, here to sing "Hey Soul Sister." Someone did a routine to this already this season. Let me look it up. It was Aiden and Edyta's quickstep. I just remember that the band's rendition was horrible. This time, Mark and Chelsie, Dmitry and Lacey, and Tony and Cheryl are doing... a jive? Something very fast that is definitely not a quickstep. I guess Mark's back from his injury. Haven't missed him.

Brooke introduces a review of the leaderboard, so there's last night's rehash number two of the episode. Then Tom calls Chad and Cheryl and Evan and Anna down to find out their fates. Tom tells Evan and Anna that they are safe, and Chad and Cheryl are still in limbo. So the top two are safe, which for me means that it won't be a shocking elimination, so they can cut that out.

Brooke talks to Pamela backstage, who says her injury is minor, but she wasn't supposed to aggravate it, so she let Chelsie fill in. Then Brooke turns to Niecy and asks if she's worried about making it through. Niecy says very honestly that they were doing well with their individual score but when they factored in the team score, it hurt them. Then she jokes that, in order to stay in, she may have to have a wardrobe malfunction.

Tom introduces a clip package where the pros ruminate on the remaining weeks. Derek points out that the remaining stars will have to learn many routines in a short period as they start doubling up on dances. They talk about the physical and mental toll, and the pressure. Anna says that you need to push the boundaries and Derek adds that you need to take risks. Have I mentioned how much better I like Derek's hair this season? It's shorter and he looks so much better. Same with Maks. I like both of them with shorter hair, probably because I am an old lady. Maks points out that no one remembers who came in second and third. They remember the winners. Except nerds like me, who have to write about this show every week. Actually, I could tell you the final three or four of most seasons but half the time I can't remember who actually won.

Tom calls down the last pair of couples: Pamela and Damian and Niecy and Louis. The next safe couple is...Niecy and Louis! Yay! I was pretty worried about them, but I think Niecy's personality is winning people over even if her dancing isn't the best. I don't want her to make it to the finals or anything, but I enjoy keeping her around for the humor. They don't tell Pamela and Damian if they are in the bottom two or not; we'll find that out later.

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