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So how many times do you think they will review the events of last night in this results show? Three? Four? Ten? I mean, they're always bragging that this is the highest rated show in the country now; doesn't that mean that just about everyone saw the performance show and thus we don't need to rehash it multiple times? I'm just saying.

So, as many suspected, they are clearly setting Evan up to be the Comeback Kid, and they even call him that in the opening, and plus multiple people were told that last night was their best dance yet. Last night was pretty good. I can't deny that. There wasn't a clunker among them, although I did feel a few performances were overpraised if not overscored. But I kind of always feel that way at this point in the season, when the 10 paddles come out.

They're going with the trend of the season where they pick out couples that were in a particular place on the leaderboard and reveal their fates (or not). Tom calls down Nicole and Derek and Erin and Maks, and Tom says that one of these couples is in the bottom two. Derek looks surprised and looks over at Maks like, "It's totally you, buddy." Heh. So who is in the bottom two? Erin and Maks. Maks smiles and shrugs. Tom adds that Nicole and Derek are safe. So I guess it's not a shocking elimination, unless it's Evan. I don't know why they keep saying Erin and Maks would be a shocking elimination. At this point, the only shockers would be Nicole or Evan.

Len reviews last night's performances for the first time (ding!). Len thinks Erin's quickstep was fun, fast, and fabulous. Next, Len compliments Chad's smoothness and gentility, and also Nicole's difficulty. She laughs afterwards that she nearly fell, and they slow-mo the footage. Wow, I totally missed that last night. Len doesn't have much to say about Pamela's routine, which kind of makes me think she's going home. Len was impressed with Niecy's quickstep, and the overall scores were the closest of the season. Len saves his highest praise for Evan, who really deserved it, and also deserved his perfect score. I really didn't appreciate how awesome their spin move was last night either. Len loved Team Gaga, totally ignoring Pam's many gaffes, and admits that Team Madonna wasn't quite as tight, but was still pretty good.

Len has chosen Team Gaga to do the encore. Tom tells us that Pam has an injury so Chelsie is subbing in for her. Grassy knoll types will think that means that Pam is definitely going home, much like Mark went home the week that he was injured. Anyway, the encore is just as good as last night. I'm so impressed that Chelsie learned the whole routine in probably a few hours. I think Nicole's section is better, but Chad's is worse. I see a few missteps on his part. I do feel like Team Madonna got a little screwed on their choice of song; the Gaga song is way more suited to the cha cha, as well as high energy.

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