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Last night, for the first time, the couples got separate scores for technical and performance. Except a lot of them got identical scores in both areas, which kind of defeats the purpose of the dual scores, no? And the same people ended up on the top and bottom of the leaderboard. So as an experiment, it kind of flopped, if you ask me. I liked the idea, but the execution was poor. Which explains so much about this show.

Hey, Brooke isn't wearing a bandage dress for once! She has giant hair, though. They're getting right to the first set of results. The first couple that has been saved is... Chad and Cheryl. For some reason, Chad runs over and hugs Jake first, but then runs back and hugs Cheryl. Anna has a huge pout on her face for some reason. Does she know something we don't? And also coming back next week are Jake and Chelsie, so I guess they don't have to suffer the red light again. I wouldn't swear to it, but I think Nicole is having a nip slip moment. It might be the shadow from her mic, though.

Len reviews last night's dances. Erin and Maks don't understand why their technical scores were so low, when she screwed up maybe two steps in the whole dance. Evan needed better footwork. Niecy wants to make it through so she can finally do a fast dance and shake her thing. Aiden is still repressing his emotions while Edyta is exposing her body more than ever. Nicole let nerves get the better of her, and she cries in the confessional. I'm sure they'll wring more and more drama out of that footage. Jake felt he was going great until he stumbled. Kate had a breakthrough, and actually had fun on the floor. Chad finally let his confidence show. Pam was sophisticated in addition to being sexy. And while Nicole and Evan remain on top of the leaderboard, the rest of the group is moving around and challenging the top two.

Len announces that the encore dance this week will be Pam and Damian. I kind of missed Pam's amazing split near the end of the dance. How can a woman in her... how old is Pam, anyway? I was going to say early 40s, but I just realized I have no idea if that's right. To IMDb! Okay, she's claiming 43, but I wouldn't be surprised if she shaved a few years off back in the Tool Time era. Then again, her face is a perfect example of why sunscreen is so important. She could do a PSA.

On the way into commercial, there's a fake movie trailer for a horror film where Bruno is a Jason Voorhees type stalking the celebs. Kate does a fake scream that is more emotion than she has shown in any one of her dance routines. I wonder how many takes that required.

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