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Look, Ma! One Hand!

Last week, Cristian "sustained a serious samba injury." How embarrassing! How do you explain that at cocktail parties?
Q: So, did you hurt your arm doing some sort of crazy stunt or playing with your kids and during a game of racquetball?
A: No, doing the samba.
Q: Were you doing a handstand or a lift or something?
A: No, just regular old samba.
Q: [Suddenly makes an excuse to walk away and then whispers in his wife's ear while she stares at you]

Tom reminds us that legal lifts are allowed this week, and Sam adds that they're not required, and they need to be in the character of the routine. Because why not leave it vague so there's more controversy with the scoring?

Last week was Kristi's worst week, so she's determined to come back. While rehearsing, Kristi presses to do a lift, especially since Jason and Edyta are also doing the samba, and you know they are doing a lift. Mark doesn't feel like it fits with the character of the dance, though, and Kristi honors his expertise. Mark's intermittent British accent (he grew up in London) comes back as he and Kristi practice their lift for their quickstep routine.

The quickstep is my favorite dance, and maybe I suffered from heightened expectations, but I thought this routine was boring. Kristi didn't put any emotion into it at all, and seemed like a robot, which then only makes me watch Mark's weird guppy faces even more, and that's never good. The choreography seems slow for a quickstep too. There's a nice turn sequence near the end, and they finish with Mark lifting Kristi up on his shoulder, which as lifts go, was pretty boring. You've got Kristi Yamaguchi, dude! Throw her into the air and make her spin around three times or something! What's with the lame sitting on the shoulder? My high school cheerleading team did that, and we were terrible. But what do the judges think? Len says that he's been fed up all day, but that routine cheered him up, and he loved the choreography. Bruno thinks Kristi has a ticket to the finals, and she showed great details. Carrie Ann liked how they presented to the judges, but they got a bit out of sync in the middle. Bruno protests, and the audience boos. So no one but me thought it was boring then? Maybe I'm just grouchy today.

Backstage, Samantha points out that they broke their six-week streak as the leaders last week, and Kristi says that she was nervous out there. She asks why Mark was more cautious about the lifts, and Mark says that he didn't think it fit the character of the dance. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 10 for a total of 29. Over-rated! Clap clap clap clap clap.

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