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Samantha and Tom are ready to reveal another safe couple, once they can stop giggling over the fart jokes. So the next couple that is safe is...Mario and Karina. Whoa. They were my pick to go home.

What in the hell is going on with Samantha's hair? It's frizzy and all over the place, and not in a good way. Did she take a nap during the break? Anyway, now it's time for Def Leppard to sing something off the new album. Or as we in the biz like to call it, the bathroom break.

There's a clip package going over the routine of the week. They no sooner learn that they're staying for another week when it's time to start learning the routine. Most of the celebrities have trouble learning the choreography fast enough for the pros. On Sunday, they do the routines on the stage so the directors can figure out where the cameras should go. But also, they all get to see who's doing well with their routines among the competitors. Monday is obviously the live show day.

Tom says something about the trajectory of the show changing multiple times since last night, presumably as Christian's status changed. So now there are four couples left: Marissa and Tony, Christian and Cheryl, Jason and Edyta, and Shannon and Derek. And we won't find out who is leaving until after the break.

Once we return, before revealing who will be going home, Tom wants to talk to Christian to find out what's going on. Christian says that he ruptured the tendon in his bicep early on, but tried to continue. Samantha asks what the prognosis is for Christian. He says that he had an MRI and he needs surgery to repair it, but the doctor told him that he can delay the surgery if he wants. Tom asks if that's risky, and Christian says that other competitors, like Marlee, have taken risks, so he will too.

One more couple is safe: Christian and Cheryl. One couple is in the bottom two: Marissa and Tony. The next couple safe is: Jason and Edyta, which means that Shannon and Derek are in the bottom two as well. So someone is going home. Is it Marissa and Tony or Shannon and Derek? And it's...Shannon and Derek. She seems pretty resigned to it. Samantha tries to ask about the showmance, but Shannon deflects and says that the show was great. Derek says that Shannon was a great partner and a big dork, but he loved it. So they dance off into the sunset. And I'm going to bet, break up in like three weeks.

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