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Last week, Priscilla went home and Sara M kicked ass on the results show. I, on the other hand, was in an airport in Cincinnati on a layover while the show was airing, so...who's the winner there? Anyway, this week will be the group dance -- my favorite! And it's all LIIIIIIIIIVE!

During their introductions, Kristi and Mark both put their finger on the end of their nose. I wonder who that signal was for? Samantha struggles to explain that this week, each couple will do a dance they have not yet attempted, and then they'll do a group dance.

First up this week are Jason and Edyta. Last week, Len said he wants to see Jason do more than just stand there. As they rehearse their cha cha, Edyta says that Jason needs to use his own moves and personality, since they won't be in hold the whole time. So Edyta takes Jason to a freestyle dance class, where there is a dance off! Awesome! They didn't show nearly enough footage of that. What, you'd prefer more time at SeaWorld?

I don't know if Edyta or Jason is in charge of choosing the songs, but they always have the best choices -- this week it's "Best of My Love." Jason is doing a lot of pelvic rolls. For some reason, I also find it endearing when he sings along, even though I normally find it annoying. Jason is back to looking at his feet though, and sometimes at Edyta's feet instead.

Len thinks they had enough content this week, but he went off time in a few instances. Overall, though, Len liked it. Bruno thought Jason was a little cheeky and flamboyant this week, but his footwork wasn't as great. Carrie Ann thought there was a little awkwardness in his arms, and advises Jason to dance bigger, which I think is a good point. When you're unsure of the moves, you tend to do very little, lest you mess up. If you're going to mess up, mess up big. Backstage, Jason admits that he has trouble when he's not in hold. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Jason admits that it was a tough week for him, so he's happy with those scores.

Last week, Derek and Shannon didn't do very well, and it wasn't even due to Derek's bout of food poisoning earlier in the day. And then they were totally photographed by the paparazzi making out on the beach! And guess where they go to rehearse -- that's right, the beach. And Derek takes his shirt off for no apparent reason. He reminds Shannon to remember the romantic mood at the beach while she's on the floor doing the rumba. I was kind of hoping the tabloid photos were just a setup for the show, but I guess not. Especially since allegedly Derek has/had a girlfriend and Shannon has/had a boyfriend. Is it sad that I'm this wrapped up in showmance gossip? It kind of is.

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