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Bruno thinks that Mario came out with guns blazing, and he was strong and powerful. Carrie Ann liked it too, and thought he attacked it, but he needs to have better transitions. Len liked parts of it, but thinks his style is too wild. Bruno thinks it's more powerful. Tom has to intervene to get Len a chance to talk again, but he doesn't have much more to say other than that he has underpants older than Mario. Wow, I didn't need to think about Len's drawers. Hey, Julianne's boyfriend Zach is sitting behind Len. The wonders of hi-def. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 9 for a total of 24. The crowd goes nuts for Bruno's score.

Jason and Edyta didn't impress Len last week, so he's going to have to learn chivalry to do his Viennese waltz this week. So Edyta takes him to Medieval Times. God, how I despise these stupid field trips, although it is funny when Jason does the running man. I'm a sucker for late '80s dance crazes. They start dancing and Edyta is wearing more clothes than I've ever seen on her. Jason is quite graceful, though a little stiff. At one point, Jason trips over his own feet during a turn but he recovers well. And he's doing a good job of not looking at his feet, which he usually does. I thought it was nice, but not up to the pinnacle of Viennese Waltzes, which was Maks and Mel from last season.

Carrie Ann loved the elegance and grace, as well as the chemistry, so she'll forgive the stumble. Len loved it. Bruno thought he made it sexy and erotic, like a mating ritual. I'm a little uncomfortable with Bruno's discussion of the sexiness of the dance. Backstage, Edyta blames his stumble on nerves, and says that she's proud of him regardless. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Holy crap! They tied Kristi! I don't know that it was a 29 dance, but then again, I didn't think Kristi's was either. But I think the judges wanted to send a message that Kristi winning isn't a foregone conclusion. Even though it kind of is.

Christian and Cheryl are up next. I've never been a huge fan of Cheryl, and Christian's intensity kind of creeps me out. But let's see what they're up to this week. Cheryl keeps getting frustrated with Christian's inability to get the dance and she kind of comes off like a bitch, but she's having a rough couple of weeks, due to the tabloids. Cheryl takes Christian to her new dance studio opening, and Drew Lachey's there! Despite the tabloid rumors! I admire that. Eff the tabloids. So how's their paso doble? They are both wearing some sort of vinyl outfit and Christian is wearing a long jacket with no shirt on underneath. He's better this week, although intensity was never his problem. He's still kind of stiff and in his head though -- at times you can see him thinking through the steps like "left, left, STOMP!" But it's dramatic, which is what you need in a paso doble.

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