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Did the judges buy the unicycle bit? Carrie Ann says it was awesome until he got off the unicycle, and then says it was very creative. Bruno thinks Adam is a lovable character, so you want him to do well, but he's not much of a dancer. He did like the content that Julianne added. Bruno thinks Adam is "the classic example that genius and insanity go hand-in-hand" but the insanity takes over on the dance floor. So they were all entertained, but they all agree that the dancing wasn't great. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, Bruno 6 for a total of 19. The audience boos. Well, a couple of people boo. Samantha asks Adam if the unicycle trick was a disaster. Adam says his first instinct was to let Julianne dance and he would drive around her in a Rascal for ten minutes. Adam tries to get in a plug for his movie The Hammer, which is getting great reviews, although it's not playing anywhere near me yet. But maybe it's playing near you! And it's kind of a chick flick! Anyway, Tom does him a solid and mentions his movie again.

Marlee and Fabian are doing the Viennese waltz this week. Marlee has trouble with the spinning and the balance, and she thinks it may have to do with her deafness, which makes sense if her deafness is due to some sort of ear damage. Marlee gets frustrated with herself, but Fabian won't let her give up. Their dance begins to Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman." Marlee is wearing a peach dress, in keeping with the rainbow wedding party theme. She's very graceful, but the angle of her head and the expression on her face makes her look dead, and at one point it kind of looks like Fabian is all Weekend at Bernie's. Also, this is a terrible arrangement of this song.

Len is impressed with the choreography as well as they way they executed it. Bruno likes how she interpreted the music, but wants her to watch her posture and how she holds her head. Carrie Ann is crying. CRYING! She is looney tunes. Seriously, she is like too verklempt to talk. I think Marlee must have some sort of magic fairy dust in person because everyone who's seen her dance live has talked about what a vibrant force she is, and it doesn't come across as strongly on television. Anyway, Carrie Ann recognizes that there were some posture problems, but she's crying. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a total of 24. Really? Carrie Ann cried and then gave her an 8? Huh.

Mario and Karina's boobs are doing the paso doble this week, after a dip in their scores last week. Mario feels like he's fighting to stay alive in the competition. So Karina makes him do push-ups and sit-ups? While she yells at him? Is she going to make him chase chickens and jog up some stairs while the Rocky theme plays? The dance begins to "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder. Mario looks great. His moves are sharp, although he forgets to point his toes a couple of times. If he can make it through this week, he could be great doing a mambo or a rhumba. They do some sort of flip that doesn't seem like it could be legal for their big finish.

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