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Priscilla and Louis are up next, since they had the second highest scores last week with their tango. Priscilla is wearing seafoam green, and I noticed many of the waltz ladies are wearing pastels this week. When they stand together, they look like the ill-advised pastel rainbow bridesmaids' dresses my second cousin had when she got married in 1976. You know -- each bridesmaid wore a different color of the rainbow? Except there was also a Bicentennial theme, so they were like Little House dresses? And everyone wore bonnets? How I wish I were making this up. I was the flower girl. Anyway, Priscilla and Louis go roller-blading? To help their waltz? I don't know. Anyway, Priscilla screws up the footwork in the opening, and then again in the middle, but her gracefullness is very nice to see. There's a clear lift at the end, though, as Louis swings her around and both her feet come off the ground.

Bruno liked her romance, and gives her advice on her posture. Carrie Ann thinks Priscilla does a great job of not showing in her face when her feet falter. Um, that's because her face is Botoxed up? Carrie Ann points out the lift, but doesn't make a big deal out of it. Len also liked the choreography, but felt at times they were rushing it, and also says he'll deduct a point for the lift. As long as they're consistent about that, I think that's fair. As we wait for the scores, Tom says, "This ain't no disco. This ain't no country club either." At first I was like, "Is he quoting the Talking Heads? Tom!" But no, he was quoting Sheryl Crow because she's going to be on tomorrow night. Backstage, Samantha asks Priscilla about the lifts, and Priscilla says that she might not beat Kristi tonight, but there will be other nights. Scores? Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 8 for a total of 22.

Adam (who looks like Norm MacDonald imitating Burt Reynolds with his fake moustache) and Julianne are up next. Adam jokes that after Carrie Ann called him sexy, he decided to ditch his family and move to Europe to model. Julianne thinks that if Adam can just focus on the dance and not offend anyone, they'll be in good shape. Adam, for his part, claims that he's in it...not to lose it. As their dance begins, Julianne is alone on the floor and then out comes Adam...on a unicycle! Wearing a Zorro mask and hat! He makes a complete circle of the floor before hopping off, and you know how I hate business before a dance. I think it's a smart move for Adam to reduce the amount of actual dancing as much as he can, but I would take a point off for that. It was interesting though, and different. Once they start dancing, Adam is technically okay, although he's too stiff, like his first routine. Julianne does a lot of smoke and mirrors to disguise it. He's better than the first two routines, but not as good as last week, in my mind. But it's funny without being super corny like Joey Fatone was. But Joey Fatone is a better dancer, so maybe it evens out.

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