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Hey, what do the celebs do when they're not rehearsing? Jason Taylor claims to build ships in bottles. Marlee works as a volunteer police officer. Shannon is President of the MacGyver Fan Club. Kristi enters hot dog eating contests. Priscilla runs a psychic hotline on the side. Marissa likes to surf. Steve works on his freestyle rap. Christian has a pet otter. Oh, I love otters! So cute. I notice that Adam wasn't included; either he refused to do it, or he was too busy. I have to imagine they just cooked up that April Fool's joke at the last minute. It was cute. Not particularly hilarious, but cute. Better than men dressing as women on the comedy scale, certainly. The Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe performs. They're good. What else can I say about that? Kylie Minogue is back to perform "Can't Get You Out of my Head." She's dressed like a leather queen, complete with manacles and chains. Julianne and Mark come out to dance. It's nice to see Julianne getting to really let go and dance with her partner. I swear to God at one point, you can see Bruno, Len and Carrie Ann rocking out in the background, and I think Carrie Ann was doing the robot. Hilarious. I rewound that four or five times. Samantha is backstage with Christian and Cheryl. Christian says if he makes it through, he'll have to find another animal to inspire him. Samantha asks if Steve and Anna have any tricks up their sleeve if they make it through. Steve thinks that everything is possible if you believe. Is he for real? He also had lunch with the costumers. I refuse to believe that the Gute fraternizes with the below-the-liners. Food is for talent! A few weeks before the show started, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a matchmaker, analyzed the partners to see how they matched up. She thinks that Marissa and Tony are both dominant, and thus going to have a power struggle. Christian is dominant, but will have to succumb to Cheryl's expertise. Mario and Karina and Shannon and Derek are both very similar, which isn't a good thing. Jason is an introvert, meaning he likes to work out his problems alone. Adam and Julianne are mismatched because Adam is an extrovert and Julianne is an introvert. Adam needs to listen and follow. But who is the perfect match? Kristi and Mark. They're both willing to compromise, and calm. Wow, that was extremely scientific. That segment could have been much more interesting, especially if they interviewed the couples as they went along. Tom is ready to announce the next safe couple, and it's...Jason and Edyta. Also returning next week are...Marlee and Fabian.

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