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Guess who else is safe? Marlee and Fabian. And you know who else? Kristi and Mark. They had to say that one next because, seriously.

After the break, three couples remain: Monica and Jonathan, Marissa and Tony, and Priscilla and Louis. So who else is safe? Priscilla and Louis. I'm a little nervous as to what Marissa will do if she's eliminated. She might go psycho. Or more psycho.

Tom asks the judges which couple should stay. Carrie Ann thinks that Monica has a never-quit and inspirational attitude, and she would miss it if Monica leaves. Tom asks Len what Marissa can do if she stays. Len thinks that Marissa has the performance side down and now just needs to work on the technique. Who does Bruno think should stay? He thinks it's been a privilege to have Monica on their stage, even though she's not a performer. Tom interrupts him to get to the elimination. Monica always looks like she's pouting, but I think that's just her face. And going home will be...Monica and Jonathan. Poor Jonathan. Saddled with crazy Marie last season, and now this. Monica says that she loves dance now, and Tom tells her that she was beautiful out there. They join Penn and Kym for their final dance to "the First Cut is the Deepest". Next week: tango and jive! See you then!

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