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Now it's time to find out two more of the safe male couples. And they are...Jason and Edyta! Also safe...Mario and Karina! No big shocker there. Christian looks like he's about to throw up. Samantha introduces a clip package about how no one wants to go home first. Did you know no one wants to go home first? And that it could be anyone? Then you've pretty much seen this clip package.

Now we finally get to find out one more safe couple. And it's...Adam and Julianne! Yaaay! I just didn't want him to go out first. I'm fine with him going next week. As I'm sure he will.

Tom asks the judges what they think of the two remaining men. Len says that Christian has a lot of room for improvement, but he's confident that Christian can do it. Carrie Ann says that Penn brings a lot of entertainment to the dance floor. Bruno admits that they all love Penn, but Christian is the better dancer and should probably stay. Tom prepares to announce who is going home first and it is...Penn and Kym. That's about right. Christian looks incredibly relieved. Teller might cry in the audience. In his exit interview, Penn says that he'll be dancing in the parking lot next week and he plans to keep going with it. I can't say I'll miss the big galoot, but I didn't much like him going in, so there's that.

Now we get to move on to the female contestants and find out one couple that is safe. And it's...Shannon and Derek. Shannon is thrilled. I think she's going to be a fun contestant to watch because she'll really improve over the course of the show.

Cameron Mathison went out on the streets of New York to see what the hoi polloi had to say about the contestants. Cameron is still wearing his Superman costume, which is super corny. One lady loves Priscilla representing the senior citizens, and even busts some moves in appreciation. She's pretty good! The rest is vaguely amusing, but filler for sure.

Then there's a performance by aerial dancers, very Cirque du Soleil, but not that easy to describe in words. You kind of have to see it.

The Jonas Brothers return to perform their hit while Louis and Cheryl dance. The young girls in the audience go crazy. Wow, the singer really does have enormous eyebrows.

Backstage, Samantha interviews Shannon who says she was happier with her second dance, and thought the scoring was fair. Derek hopes it boosted her confidence. Derek's one of those guys who says "girl" a lot, which I find kind of offputting. Adam cracks wise about how the Houghs should be taken to a lab and cloned. He's funny.

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