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Tom announces that there will be two eliminations tonight, as well as a performance by the Jonas Brothers. Is there a lot of crossover between the tweens and the DWTS audience? Maybe not, which is why the Jonas Brothers are on. Although I think I would have been all over this show as an 11-year-old. I would have really liked Derek, I think. Now I find him kind of annoying.

Samantha and Tom remind us that it's a double elimination, and Tom adds that the first couple will be eliminated momentarily. Despite the fact that they just aired a recap episode, we get a full recap of last night's episode. The standard "I just recapped this last night so I'm not doing it again" disclaimer applies. In one confessional, Kym points out that Penn's feet are bigger than her head. I don't really get why that means he can't dance on the balls of his feet. I can see why he can't move them quickly, but not why he's so flat-footed. Christian is sweating BUCKETS in his confessional. It's kind of unseemly. Tom reminds us (again) that tonight, for two couples, the FUN! MUST! END! They will never have fun again! The laughter will die.

Tom asks Len which dance he wants to see again, and Len says while they weren't the top-scoring couple, they want to see Jason and Edyta again. Interesting that they didn't pick Kristi - I guess they know they'll be able to pick her many times in weeks to come. They look just as good, if not better, than they did last night. Edyta's face looks weird though. Did she have something done?

It's time to find out the first male contestant to move on to next week. It is...Steve and Anna. Even Tom is surprised! Good for them. I think Steve would have had a nervous breakdown if he were eliminated.

The Jonas Brothers perform "Take On Me" as Tony and Edyta and Jonathan and Anna dance. I'm a little confused as to why the Jonas Brothers (and there were three of them) have two additional guitarists in their band, for a total of four. Granted, at least one of them is probably a bass player, but still. I get the vibe that the Brothers themselves don't so much play the guitar that well. At least we get to see an energetic jive with lots of lifts during the performance. It must be such a relief for the pros to dance with other pros once in a while.

Backstage, Steve is thrilled to be safe. He promises to work on everything the judges said. Adam makes a crack about one of the Jonas Brothers having bushier eyebrows than him, which cracked me up.

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