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More results. JR and Karina are psyched with their results, and Karina thinks that he nailed it. Chynna and Tony can't get over their scores, in a good way. Chaz is very mellow after his dance. It almost seems like Lacey was hoping for a bigger reaction. So who's in jeopardy out of this group? None of them. See what they did there? They saved Chaz and Lacey for last so that you'd think they were in jeopardy, but they aren't. Everyone on the stage has a group hug. Aw. I feel like they all support Chaz, who has gotten a lot of shit from some corners.

Time for the final group of results. David screwed up during his dance, and actually said, "Oooh shit!" Carson got his Jagger on, and they actually did the encore dance during the previous hour. And it was super fun, if technically terrible. Nancy Grace said that she's just happy she didn't fall down. Wow, that would have been an instant ticket to gifdom. Anyway, who from this group is in jeopardy? Nancy and Tristin. So that means Carson and Anna and David and Kym are safe.

Okay, so the show's running long which means they're going to get right to it. One of these couples is going home: Nancy and Tristin, Rob and Cheryl, or Metta/Ron and Pete. I kind of home Metta goes home just so I don't have to deal with his name. Selfish, I know. Anyway, Rob and Cheryl are safe. Oof. Well, based on dancing alone, he wasn't the worst. Although that was Elisabetta, and she's not even in jeopardy. Tom emphasizes that these are not necessarily the bottom two. Because of the new stage, the last two couples have to come down some stairs, but that gives Len a chance to say nothing about who should go home. He basically says it's sad to see anyone go home after only one dance, because you never know if they could have improved. So who's going home? Metta and Peta. Well, I got my wish. Metta is cheering. Does he understand that he's going home? And poor Peta, who only lasted one week in her first season. Metta takes Brooke's microphone, which is probably an improvement. He is really, really happy to be leaving. Ooh, next week is the quickstep or the jive. Are they going back to having everyone do one of two dances? Because I like that setup; I feel it's easier to compare when everyone is doing the same routine. Presumably those who did waltz this week will do jive next week? Anyway, goodbye Metta/Ron. And see everyone next week.

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