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Last week on Dance Your Ass Off, Karla went home. Lame! This week, it's time for some Latin dancing. MJW greets us in her latest girdle-dress, although I must admit that this one is the most flattering she's worn so far. It's not saying much, but it's something. And now it's earlier in the week and she's walking into the kitchen to meet with the contestants, who aren't scoring any points with me with their continued ignorance of nutrition and basic colors. I think it's Pinky who asks what the orange fruit people are preparing is, and when told it's a mango, says "I thought mangos were orange." They are, and it is. Damn, Pinky. MJW enters, and no one is happy to see her because she's MJW and also she has bad news. This week will be a dreaded double elimination. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT!" Trice interviews. Awesome. The rest of the contestants similarly shit themselves, except for Ruben, who knows he's just fine because he used to be a professional dancer. He and Miles are brimming with confidence this week after their good scores last week. Plus, Miles is wearing a product placement gym T-shirt, and you never kick out the walking advertisement. MJW leaves, and she looks so much better in regular people clothes than those horrible dresses they squeeze her into. Anyway, the contestants react to the news in various ways. Miles works out. Brandon meets with the nutrition consultant. Tara goes OCD on her calorie counting chart. And Alicia cries.

Back on the stage, MJW frees the judges from their rhinestone eggshell and gets the show on the road. The first contestant is Miles, whose cockiness is starting to annoy me. He says he's working hard on not looking down and taking Danny's advice, and even recording the rehearsals and reviewing them later, which is smart. He and Michelle are dancing to "La Bamba," because someone had to. Michelle does an impressive back-bend and trusts Miles to do a high kick over her, which he executes perfectly. He doesn't quite nail the lift at the end, but it looked good enough to me. Mayte didn't see enough "strength" from Miles, despite all the impressive lifts, and gives him a 6. Has Mayte ever not given the first dancer a 6? Lisa, whose lips are looking very real today, calls the dance "ambitious" and gives Miles a 7. Danny was grinning during the performance, but didn't seem to like it, saying that Michelle and Miles didn't use much of the dance floor and seemed to be in their own worlds and not dancing as a team. He gives them a 6. That's a 6.3 for Miles. Not great, but he lost 4.3 pounds for a percentage of 1.75 and a total score of 8.05. That should be good enough to get him through to next week.

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