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MJW starts things off backstage with the contestants, who are stretching and having their makeup done. It's really not the best place for a host segment. We flash back to the beginning of the week, when MJW stopped by the loft to assign specific dance styles to the contestants. The contestants enter the living room full of dread and find a bunch of stools with boxes of popcorn on top of them. And whoever dressed MJW this week -- as with most weeks on this show -- should be shot. Girlfriend's got broad shoulders. It's not a crime. But why in god's name would they put her in a shirt with big poofy shoulders?? She looks like a linebacker! MJW explains that it's "movie week," where the contestants will get a certain song from a certain movie (a.k.a. whatever this show could afford the rights to) and must dance to it in a certain style. The popcorn bucket has the song in it, and I'm not sure if they've pre-assigned these dance numbers to the contestants or they're picking them at random or what. Anyway, Alicia picks first and gets "Maniac" from Flashdance in the style of jive. She immediately sets about performing moves from the film. Good, she's happy. That means she won't cry. Pinky gets "Shout" from Animal House in the style of tap. Pinky likes this because now she won't get in trouble for being too stompy like she did last week. Mara gets "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" from The Wedding Singer in the style of tango. She says she's scared, probably because she and her partner Paul still hate each other. Shayla gets "Low" from Step Up 2: The Streets in the style of hip-hop. What, they couldn't afford something from the original Step Up? How embarrassing. Ruben gets "Old Time Rock & Roll" from Risky Business in the style of the foxtrot. He pretends to be all put out about this style, but we all know he's going to kill it because he's a freaking professional dancer. Miles gets "Fame" from Fame in the style of jazz. And then Trice gets "All That Jazz" from Chicago in the style of something called "Broadway Fosse." Is that even a style? And shouldn't she get jazz for that song? Also, I find it very unfair that they've given them all different styles because I'm sure some styles are harder than others to do, so certain contestants are being put at a real disadvantage.

In rehearsals, Shayla is very happy with her hip-hop style. Ruben still hates the foxtrot, so much so that he's referring to himself in the third person. Pinky seems to have some previous tap experience, so she should be fine this week unless she yet again sucks out at the weight loss aspect.

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