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Play It Again, Sam
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Previously: UNR's lead counsel defended Finn's prostitute on drug charges, leading Tom and Patty to figure out Finn's connected to all of this: Kendrick could be using him to manipulate the energy market. Finn used a GPS to do just that. Dave was a go-between between ... well, just about everyone. Tom talked to the prostitute, and asked her about Kendrick. Dave told Phil to invest in UNR, so he did. Because he is an IDIOT. Wes asked Ellen to dinner and she freaked, awkwardly. Cheeseburger thought about taking Wes off the Ellen detail, but he told Cheeseburger she'd come around. Cheeseburger mentions Katie as Plan B. Uncle Pete tried to kill himself instead of turning on Patty. At his hospital bedside, she told him to give them whatever he needs to. Ellen called to tell Patty that Uncle Pete had died. Patty was devastated.

Anorexic Ellen walks toward the FBI agents in broad daylight to tell them that she was wrong; Patty didn't have Pete killed. She knows because Patty seemed genuinely thrown by his death, and Patty actually believes he killed himself to protect her. Agents Dumb and Dumber wonder who killed him then. Ellen doesn't know, but she knows Patty's blaming the FBI, so this is like a call to war, meaning they're not just targeting her anymore. She's also targeting them.

Patty's telling Tom that the FBI is investigating the firm. When he asks how she knows, Ellen pipes up that they came to her, and asked her to inform, but she turned them down. Patty tells him that then the FBI went to Pete. Tom asks if that's why he... but Patty interrupts that he didn't want to give them anything that could get to her. She says now they have to circle the wagons and asks Tom if anyone's approached him. He scoffs: "Of course not." But she asks if there have been any unusual overtures. He says he would have told her, and asks when she was going to tell him. That's Tom: always the whiner. Patty says, "I'm telling you now."

"2 Months Later": Tom's trying to get into the office, but some guy on security detail flashes a gun and says he has strict orders from Patty that Tom's not allowed in the office anymore. Tom walks off, but pauses at the elevator for more whining (see? Two months later and he's still whining, probably about the same thing!). He tells the security guy to tell Patty he tried to warn her, and that he's filing suit against her for wrongful termination. I couldn't tell if he was trying to warn her about the suit, or if him trying to warn her was a completely different thought, but I guess we'll (hopefully) find out. Then Tom's in some dark tunnel under a building somewhere. He's stopped there to pick up a gun that's wrapped in a towel. Ellen gets in a car with him, and he gives it to her. He hopes she knows what she's doing. She says she does.

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