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Mors Dicitur Ultimum Supplicium

Ellen and Wes meet in a statue. Really. Like, how do you set up that meeting? "Meet me in the statue on 82nd and Madison. No, not next to it. In it." Wes sits on one side of the bench in the statue and Ellen sits as far as possible from him, but still inside the statue. Which does not bode well for their post-coital relationship. Ellen thanks him for meeting her and apologizes for showing up at his door, kissing him until he took her seriously, and then leaving without saying goodbye. What is she apologizing for? Sounds like she is every guy's dream date. Wes knows the situation is complicated what with both of them coming out of relationships with the dearly departed. I wonder if Wes's dead girlfriend is visiting him and commenting on his overactive work ethic. Oh wait... he made her up. So he's free to bone away with boney Ellen all he wants. He invites Ellen up to his "buddy's cabin" to get away for the weekend. Ah yes, all the better to kill you with. C'mon, Wes, even Ellen is too smart to go to a lonely cabin in the woods with a guy with a gun collection and fifty pounds of emotional baggage. Oh and a mandate to kill her. She wants to take some time to think things through. He tells her to take as much time as she needs and sighs sort of wistfully. It seems genuine, but it could be because he really preferred to kill her out in the fresh country air.

Intrepid FBI agents Mario Van Peebles and Agent Glenn are reading all the Bureau's files they can find on Patty Hewes. They are trying to unravel the mystery of the missing case file. If only they had a quarter to hire Encyclopedia Brown. You know he could solve that shit before recess ended. Agent Glenn notices that despite the best efforts of the Bureau, they've never been able to find anything incriminating on Patty. MVP points out that they dropped the ball on the infant mortality bait case that they were going to use to entrap Tom, but Agent Glenn disagrees: He thinks somebody tipped Tom off. Further discussion is interrupted when Agent Glenn's phone rings. He claims it is "Pam" his soon-to-be ex-wife, but the voice on the phone is distinctly male. So either Pam is rather husky voiced for a lady or Agent Glenn is taking orders from someone else. Agent Glenn and this man set up a time to meet and hang up quickly with Agent Glenn muttering a quick "bitch" to lend credence to his cover. MVP is worried for his partner -- his divorce case is dragging on too long and he needs to take his life back. MVP stares so intently into Agent Glenn's eyes while he talks and his eyes are such limpid pools of sincerity. There is no way that Agent Glenn can't not listen. Also, Agent Glenn is living at MVP's, which can't be good for their relationship. Six months later, Ellen is holding Patty hostage in a hotel room. Turns out Agent Glenn is monitoring the situation from a surveillance van. Which is interesting. When Ellen tells the crying Patty that she lied too, picks up the gun and fires, Agent Glenn stared in horror and then bolted out of the van and into the daylight. Where's MVP? Intriguing.

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