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It's the Season Finale! That magical time of year when loose ends and plot arcs are delivered neatly tied up with shiny paper and satin ribbon. It's like Christmas, but with guns.

Ellen with her smoky eyeshadow and perfect hair takes a swig of Scotch or Irish whiskey and looks down her nose at Patty who is sweating and wide eyed in what looks an awful lot like terror. Not because of fear of getting upstaged by her pretty little co-star, but because Ellen has a gun and pint glass of liquor and that is usually a bad combination. Except, you know, at Christmas. Then, in a scene we've seen peppered throughout all thirteen episodes of this season, Ellen says to Patty, it looks like you're not going to tell the truth, takes another swig, admits that she lied too, points the gun and fires off two bullets. The scene then rewinds, (complete with old school tape rewind noise! Where'd they get that, the National Archives?) until we see Patty standing at Ellen's hotel room door, and Ellen asking her to come in. Something tells me we're going to see more of that later.

Patty and Kendrick are in what looks like a pre-trial conference with the two sides arguing in front of the judge around a table. In a sad reminder that she fired Tom, Patty sits all alone on her half of the conference table facing Kendrick and his new lawyer who is far less attractive and talented than Claire Maddox. Despite Kendrick's assurance that his new counsel is up to speed on the intricacies of the case, no one believes him. The notClaire guy quickly tells the judge that Patty's motion is saddled with ethical problems, because the only way she could have procured the evidence she is seeking to enter would be from the SUV she stole. Hmm, looks like the new guy catches on pretty quickly actually. Patty snorts, "That's ludicrous." And, no offense Glenn, but you totally looked like my grandma when you said that. But no worries 'cause my grandma is foxy. Patty doesn't bother defending herself any more than calling the grand theft auto charge malarkey and announces that she is going to prove that UNR and Kendrick used insider information to make millions off the energy market. NotClaire points out that Patty would not have any evidence to submit without the illegally procured secret code. The judge cuts off further argument and dismisses them so he can read their briefs, which are not underwear. As the parties leave, the judge pulls Patty aside and reminds her that so far he is inclined to side with the defense. That undercurrent of meaning you're sensing? That's legalese for "Pay me off!" Luckily, Patty speaks fluent judge and understands exactly what he means.

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