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Last week, Uncle Pete swallowed a handful of pills in order to get out of the awkward situation of either going to jail or turning in Patty. Also, Tom got to hang out with hookers and a cocaine-like substance was snorted in primetime (primetime, people!), giving credence to those adult content warnings.

Ellen wakes up in the middle of the night and sleepily fumbles around for a bottle of pills. She gets up for a glass of water and as she turns back to bed she runs smack into David. That's what you get for trying to survive on nothing but Dexatrim, vodka and Scope, honey! Ellen actually doesn't seem all that surprised to see him. Like yeah, it's a small town and she was bound to run into her dead fiancé sooner or later. David is wearing his scrubs and tells her she's not dreaming, but is having a hypnoponic hallucination. O.R. you a doctor, then David? Ellen totally gets it. She apologizes for moving out of the apartment and he laughs because he always hated that place. He holds up the bottle of pills and she defensively claims she only takes them when she can't sleep. Or instead of food. They taste like marshmallows and love! David the doctor shakes his head. Ellen's phone rings and she turns to look. David asks if it is Patty and she says no, it's the FBI. He giggles that she's a Fed now and she smiles and corrects him that she's an informant. He asks her if she is going to answer and she says she'll just be one minute. Leaving David to scratch his head in amazement that he broke several laws of faith, spirituality, and physics to come check up on his fiancée and she answers her freakin' Blackberry. WTF, Ellen? Did you learn nothing from all the fights you and David had last season about your priorities? No? Ellen picks up the phone and Agent Glenn tells her that Pete tried to kill himself last night and they aren't sure if he is going to make it. Ellen looks for David, but he's gone. Wouldn't you be?

Patty sits at Pete's bedside. She asks Magda (a.k.a. Stephania, Pete's long-suffering wife) why Pete would have done this. Magda says she doesn't know. She tells Patty that Pete came home yesterday with two clients and then disappeared into the bathroom. Patty interrupts her to ask whose clients they were and Magda says they were Patty's. Patty doesn't say anything and Magda continues with her summary of events: When Pete and "the clients" left, she went into the bathroom and found the empty pill bottles and a note. She hands Patty the note, which she saved and brought with her just in case anyone asked. So if Pete was with the FBI when he collapsed and they apparently brought him to the hospital, who called his wife? Did Mario Van Peebles call her up and say he tried to kill himself and he's in the hospital please don't ask any questions? Patty looks really sad as she flashes back to what I assume are her (lousy) childhood memories. There is some yelling and a "get the hell out of my way Pete!" and Patty running to hide. Little girl Patty is really cute, and it's kind of sad to think she is going to grow up and look like Glenn Close. No offense.

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