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So there is an old adage in the law that if the law is against you should argue the facts and if the facts are against argue the law. But what do you do if the facts, the law, and your client are against you? That’s what Patty Hewes was faced with this week. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Despite the District Attorney’s mounting pile of evidence against Daniel Purcell and Purcell’s lousy performance on his lie detector test, Patty convinces the DA to hold off while she puts her crack investigative team (and piles of cash) on the trail of the missing ring stolen from Purcell’s wife’s body. When the ring turns up in a pawnshop even the cops have to admit Purcell might be innocent. When they find the lackey junkie who pawned the ring and Purcell IDs him in a lineup, Patty springs Purcell from the joint. On a lesser show, the freeing of the client from wrongful imprisonment would be the end of it, but on Damages it is just the beginning. Patty tells the DA about her conspiracy theory, but the DA is way too underpaid to play Bess Marvin to Patty’s Nancy Drew.

Purcell’s guilty conscience may be getting to him. And why is he feeling so guilty if his wife’s killer is, well, is not him? Well, he just might have conspired with Mr. Kendrick, Wayne Sutry and the junkie to off his wife. And, yes, Mr. Kendrick is the root of all evil. He plays golf, he runs Big Energy, and he most likely smokes next to babies while kicking puppies. He also arranged a hit on the heroin junkie who killed Purcell’s wife. Some thank-you present. Next time send an Edible Arrangement, okay? Mr. Kendrick is also a big, fat liar, and when his company’s lawyer, Claire Maddox, asks him about Christine Purcell’s murder, he denies it all. Please God let Claire join up with Patty so we can have Marcia Gay Harden and Glenn Close working together to bring down Big Energy.

Meanwhile, on Purcell’s tip, Patty sent Tom and Ellen to West Virginia on a reporter-finding mission. They can’t find him, but he finds them (stalking is the state activity in West Virginia) and hands off the water sample that Mr. Kendrick wants quashed. Ellen manages to get it to Patty, but just barely. Seems that everyone in West Virginia is working for Big Energy, including the police.

As Patty tries to build her case against Big Energy, Patty and Claire face off in court. Patty puts Purcell on the stand. There’s another legal saying: "Don’t ask a question that you don’t know the answer to." Despite repeated grilling and a lie detector test, Purcell may have managed to pull one over on Patty when he denies everything he ever told her when put under oath. Say wha'? No one pulls one over on Patty Hewes. Unless her vagina is interfering with her ability to play with the big boys. She did tell her son that Purcell is his real daddy. Is she getting all soft and girly? Nah, don’t buy it. Patty Hewes is built like a Barbie and is a hell of a lot tougher than G.I. Joe.

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