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Dead Dogs and Englishmen

The (ass-kicking) opening theme song kicks us off straight away, and I'm hoping that "When I am through with you, there won't be anything left" isn't referring to any prospective recapper, though I have a feeling this is going to be an... intense assignment. And then it's right into the operatic external shots around Manhattan. Empire State Building! Taxicabs! Uh... scaffolding! It's all filmed in a kind of gritty half-sepia tone that you'll want to become familiar with as the season goes on. This show juggles at least two, usually three, timelines in the air at all times, and it's the film stock that tells the tale.

Anyway, we push in on an elevator in a posh apartment building and wait an eternity for it to open on a bloodied, near-catatonic Ellen Parsons. Trembling with fear, she sneaks past the doorman and into the crowded streets in mid-day New York (we can see the Empire State Building in the background, so we're in midtown somewhere). Ellen doesn't look like she knows where she's going as she scrambles around the streets, drawing stares from pedestrians, because even in New York, the bloody lady in the trench coat running around gets noticed. She almost gets hit by a cab, in that way that crazed people running around busy streets often do, and the next thing we know, she's in a police interrogation room. The cops, on the other side of the two-way mirror, exposit that she hasn't given them her name and the only thing they found on her person was a business card with the name "Hollis Nye, Attorney-At-Law" on it. "Who are you?" the lady cop asks to no one, and because the show will be speaking for Ellen for the time being, we're busted back in time...

...To "Six Months Earlier." A less bloody, more talkative Ellen is being given a formal offer of employment from a lawfirm of some sort. They must be pretty successful, because their starting salary offer is enough to make Ellen exclaim "Holy shit!" out loud. Ah, the wonderful world of recapping an FX show. Can't say "fuck," but the "shit"s make up for it. The older gentleman in charge -- Ellen calls him "Mr. Nye," so that's one mystery out of several dozen solved -- notices that Ellen is hesitating to sign the agreement, and he asks if she's interviewed at any other firms. Ellen hasn't, but she got a call from "Hewes and Associates." This hits home with Nye and his people, and almost immediately the woman who handed Ellen her contract starts to draw it back. "Patty Hewes," the woman says warily. Nye: "You might have mentioned that before." Ellen hasn't become untouchable right now. Just unattainable.

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