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Abundans Cautela Non Nocet
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Previously Ellen blamed herself for David's death, Purcell blamed himself for his wife's death, and Patty blamed herself for making her eyebrows look like that permanently.

Ellen is in her hotel suite (sweet!) and she and her bouncy bouncy ponytail scurry to answer the door. She and Katie are going to a movie and Katie has opted to wildly overdress. Seriously, who wears a mini dress, heels, and full makeup to a movie? You'll be in the dark, sweetheart. In her current incarnation Katie is currently looking a lot like Heather Locklear, but since she is probably only 25 and Heather Locklear is pushing 80, that is not necessarily a good thing. Katie wanted to come by early so she and Ellen could talk. That is never a good sign. Katie has the security deposit from Ellen and David's apartment and the news that her parents packed the entire place up. Ellen looks surprised because the lease wasn't up for another month and she sort of thought about going back to the apartment one last time. Good times! Katie encourages her not to take that particular trip down (bad) memory lane, but you can tell Ellen is going to ignore her.

Patty Hewes is staging a sit-in on the teevee with Greta Van Susteren. And it's not... pretty. Greta with her weird slant talk out the side of your mouth crooked talk gives Patty a soapbox (is bully pulpit the new soapbox? I keep seeing it in the news lately) for her random slander. Greta tells her audience that Patty came in with an axe to grind against Walter Kendrick and then she just lets Patty go. Patty talks about Kendrick's systematic destruction of the environment, his ability to shield himself from litigation, and how he murdered Christine Purcell to cover up Aricite. Greta just nods along as Patty slanders blindly. There are so many things wrong with this segment. I can't figure out why Greta Van Susteren's producers would have booked Patty on the show. First off, she has no news peg and without a book to sell or an enormous settlement to discuss lawyers don't usually make the talk show rounds. Secondly, Patty Hewes is strangely considered liberal and do-goodish, which is clearly not the mission of Fox News. Third, why would Fox News let Patty come on and outright slander and defame a deep pocketed, lawyered up, CEO of a multinational energy company who probably advertises on their show and is without a doubt a Republican? Why would they let her do that? I mean if NBC wouldn't let Al Gore pay for an ad on global warming, why would Fox allow this malarkey? This segment is dumb, so writers? Quit it. Enough with the Fox media crossovers.

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