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Some Kind Of Agita
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In "Live And Let Spy," when Trevor's matches Claire's friend Riley with a cad, he starts to think the gods were right to boot him from Mount Olympus. He tries again to help Riley find true love, and in the process, Claire has to stop playing doctor in order to fill the role of friend. Veronica Mars watch: Fans may notice the episode bears the fingerprints of writer Diane Ruggerio and director John Kretchmer.

Previously, on Cupid: Bobby Cannavale plays Trevor Pierce, a psychiatric patient of Sarah Paulson's Dr. Claire McRae. Trevor claims to be Cupid, the Greco-Roman god of love (a.k.a. Eros), who has recently been exiled from Mount Olympus to re-learn his craft. He says he must make 100 true love matches, without the help of his trusty bow and arrows, before he can return home. So you get why he's under psychiatric care, yeah? The twist is: maybe he's telling the truth. If you need more of a previously, read last week's not-so-weecap. Now, onto this week's... How's that -- you don't... get it? Well, there was a whole other series with a different cast, but the same premise and many of the same stories, created by the same Rob Thomas who created this one. You're not still floundering, are you? Okay, then perhaps it's time to learn your mythology. Don't tell me you're completely lost. Sean Crespo already has that gig. I mean for crying out loud, people, there's only been one measly episode before this one, which means this is only the second, and which I'm going to recap right now, whether you're ready or not. I'm sorry I sound so cranky. Pat pat. It's just a rom-com/dramedy (don't you hate show business lingo). You can jump right in. I promise. Ready? Let's go!

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