In the Blood

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The Amateur Investigation Hour
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We begin with an episode of Inner Show, as Kelly and her partner Paz arrive at a crime scene. A man's body has been found, buried headfirst in the middle of a construction site. Kelly has a flashback to seven years ago, remembering how she was held head-down in a well as part of an initiation ceremony. Billy pulled her out, hugged her and said, "Welcome to my family. Welcome to the blood." Kelly looked overjoyed to hear this. Overjoyed and muddy. In the present, she tells her partner that Billy is behind this murder. As she has a look around the crime scene, she picks a coin off the ground.

In Outer Show, Jeff Sefton pauses the playback and goes digging around Nate's desk. He comes up with a coin like the one he's just seen. I hope Supernatural's wardrobe department watches this scene. If you're going to put a man in layers, why not make it two slim-fitting T-shirts instead of four baggy jackets? Also, don't be afraid to show a little chest! Eye candy is good for the demographics. Anyway, Skye wakes up on the sofa and sees that Jeff has been watching the show. He explains he's trying to match scenes in the show to Nate's crazy notebook. "Nobody knows if there are messages in the show or not," she says. "Obviously Nate believed that there was," Jeff says. As Skye heads out, she checks her phone for local news about Miriam's suicide, but finds none. She and Jeff decide that Miriam's husband is their best bet for finding more info.

Jeff goes over to Fandomain to do a little more digging, but discovers that Inner Show's hangout room has been locked up. A bartender says he caught another fan in there with a concealed knife. Crazy fans, always ruining it for the slightly-less-crazy fans. Jeff notices that Inner Show is playing on the TVs in the main room. "You play Cult all the time?" he asks. "It's a new favorite," the bartender says. Plus, they didn't have the rights to air Star Trek. Shifty the waitress overhears this with interest. Her name is apparently Kirstie, but I think I'm going to keep calling her Shifty. While Jeff sips some coffee, he gets a video message from Billy Grimm. "So glad you're one of mine now," he says. A girl with magenta hair pokes him from behind, giving him a start. He relaxes when he turns around to see her. "EJ, thanks for meeting me," he says. For a moment, I thought she was a Warehouse 13 fan, role-playing as Claudia. Instead, she works with Jeff at the paper. He wants her to check out the disk that tried to take over his laptop, as well as trace Nate's incoming call from the night before. She happily agrees to help because she is smitten with him.

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