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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Anyway, surprise, surprise, we find out that Reichenbach is none other than the chap who was playing Moriarty, and he had carved out the time to bid for the object in between his gig as a fry cook and his gig as an impoverished doctoral student in English history. Moriarty lets Sara and Liam know that he's considerably put out that he had to enter a bidding war for the book in the first place, since he was essentially the historical consultant on that Albion getaway in Kingsley's basement. He's also not terribly fond of Kingsley: "He was a self-destructing narcissist. If he had to give [the Holmes hobby] up, we all had to give it up." Sara's all, "And you weren't willing to do that?" Moriarty dodges. Liam wonders if maybe Moriarty killed Kingsley out of irritation over not getting the book. He's promptly slapped down with, "That is empty speculation, my friend." I said it before, and I'll say it again: nobody does caustic contempt with so much style as the British. Is it any wonder I'm an anglophile? Sara asks to see Moriarty's hands, which is how we discover that he's got one dilly of a paper cut. We then flash back to the confrontation what made that incision: a tug of war over the book where Moriarty argued that he was owed the book for all he'd done, and Kingsley wasn't having any of it. In the present, Moriarty argues, "I stopped by his house earlier that evening, but I didn't kill him. If I had, I would have taken that book." Sara and Liam swap incredulous looks. They've clearly never dealt with bibliomaniacs before.

Back in the B-plot, Nicky and Warrick decide to take the Jeep apart so that they might figure out the conflicting pieces of evidence around it. Warrick discovers a scorch mark on the roll bar in the back, while Nicky peers in the foot well below the steering wheel and sees a mess of melty wires and things. Under the Jeep, Warrick notes another scorch mark. Nicky finally tells Warrick he's got some blown fuses and fried wiring, Warrick tells Nicky he found some burn marks on the undercarriage, and although it's not quite the forensic equivalent of putting your chocolate in someone else's peanut butter, it's close. Or as Warrick puts it, "If an electrical charge traveled through the Jeep, and through the wiring, it would have shot Cory as well...whatever it was, it zapped the hell out of his Jeep."

The two decide to go on a field trip and see exactly what it was that might have zapped the Jeep. Since Cory croaked on a clear day, the chances of it being a bolt of lightning are sharply diminished. The most likely culprit is the collection of power lines hugging the curve of the mountain road. Warrick and Nicky come to that conclusion after ambling around for a while. The fresh wire trimmings -- which suggest a downed or recently-repaired power line -- that Nicky finds do nothing to exonerate the power lines. The new wire splice he notices also advance the impression that the wires are to blame for any errant bolts of electricity. Warrick says, "The power company originally called the Jeep in. They must have been out here fixing the lines. Maybe it was a downed line -- that would give us the high-voltage power source right there." Nicky's stuck on the electrocution angle now, because "even if a live wire struck the roll bar, the tires would have insulated the vehicle." Warrick concurs: "Without a path to ground, electricity is harmless." He then notices a bent-over road marker, and the boys amble on over to look at it. The black paint makes them think that Cory's Jeep would have driven over it, thus completing the circuit. Of course, now they have to figure out how Cory got to be driving his car off the road into an uncompleted circuit in the first place.

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