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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Sara's off meeting with Watson -- real name Oakes. He's a security guard. Sara tells him she's there for his Meerschaum pipe and any related tobacco items. With the air of anxious amiability common to anyone who vaguely suspects they're in trouble, but has no reason why, Oakes says he's not smoking anything illegal. Sara smiles and shoots back coolly, "You haven't been accused of that." Oakes stalls, "My pipe is at home." Sara's grin remains in place as she says, "No problem. Let's go." Oakes tries one more stall: "Look! I'm working." Sara's prepared for that too, with, "We've already talked to your boss. And look! I have a warrant for you. Let me get that." As Sara crouches down to pull it out of her case, her CSI Eagle Eye zooms in on Oakes's Doc Martens, which happen to have what looks like blood spatter on them. She asks casually, "Were you wearing those shoes last night?" Oakes was. Points to the Docs for geographical accuracy, points off for anachronism. He says self-deprecatingly, "I'm not the same stickler for detail Denny was." "Apparently not," Sara says in a voice dripping with fortified irony.

B-plot. And now we find out that even David the Generally Useful Coroner has no idea why Cory died. Frustrated, Nicky returns to the Jeep. Warrick comes over, and after some back-and-forth, Warrick ends up pushing the Jeep while Nicky sits at the wheel and tests the brakes. It's all very cute, how Nicky teases Warrick about being a big boy and telling him to put his back into his task. Warrick notes that the brake lights are working, so the batteries are okay too. Nicky replies that the gauges are blown and the instrument panel is useless. "Ignition was on, but the engine wasn't running, so...what? Cory was in good shape, the Jeep seems to be in decent condition, so what happened out there?" Nicky wonders.

Ecklie could not possibly care less about finding out. He's busy telling Catherine how swing shift is short a few bodies -- why? Did they all follow their supervisor to the day shift? Quit in protest of not working that coveted four-to-midnight shift? What? Anyway, Ecklie is busy telling Catherine that swing shift's understaffed, and that's not going to change any time soon because there are budget constraints and Successories don't come cheap. Catherine looks like she's ruing the day she accepted the promotion. As Ecklie's implying that he sees nothing wrong with doing a cursory job on cases that can't be easily solved, Nick and Warrick choose that instant to come on in and share their progress on what Ecklie has quaintly termed "your surfer dude case." Warrick and Nicky cop to being baffled, but given that there are no obvious and messy loose ends here, Ecklie's all for declaring the case closed. He leaves. Both Warrick and Nicky look like they just caught a whiff of a bad smell. From her position behind her desk, Catherine asks, "You guys satisfied?" Nope. Catherine tells 'em to keep on keeping on, and promises to keep Ecklie out of their hair. Atta girl!

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