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Elementary, Dear Grissom

This gets to Lowery. He explains, "Let me just be straight with you guys for a second here." Cavaliere can barely contain his anticipation in the face of such a promise. Or maybe it's animosity. Lowery continues, "Yeah, Cory and I sparked up at the lake, okay? But then he took off. Three weeks ago, I was busted for pot, okay? The judge gave me diversion. You guys file charges, I'm screwed. I will never get into dental school."

At that point Warrick and Cavaliere are looking everywhere but at each other. And I am suppressing the fervent hope that Lowery finds Miss Nipple Ring again in time to make her the receptionist at what will undoubtedly be the most awesome dental practice in Nevada.

Back in the A-plot, Hodges is busy telling Liam that the white fragment he found at the crime scene is mother of pearl, a substance that's deplorably common. "It could be from a lot of things," Liam notes, and Hodges snaps back, "That it could, Mister Proficiency." Close, but not quite snarky enough, Hodges. You just stick to running evidence and cultivating that Reed Richards color scheme you got going on, okay? Hodges ID'd the tobacco on the floor as Perique tobacco, grown only in St. James Parish, Louisiana. Liam asks if it's the same as the tobacco in the slipper, and Hodges replies: "Nope. [That had a] completely different make. Cheap, strong low-grade stuff." Gil ceases lurking and says, "Shag tobacco." Hodges is surprised Gil knew that. Gil replies, "That's what Holmes smoked." Hodges snorts, "Bad habit, even for a fictional character." And that's how we find out that in a past life, Hodges was noted prohibitionist Carry Nation. Liam and Gil bond over this mutual moment of insight.

Brass has begun tracking down the Vegas Strip Irregulars, beginning with Ms. "Irene Adler," who's got a crappy job as a pool hall waitress. It's not the toting of drinks hither and yon that gets to her; it's the would-be Casanova whose idea of a seductive opening is, "I'm swinging a hot stick tonight." Brass takes all this in. Irene-cum-Kay doesn't recognize him, and eventually turns around in her tank top to say flatly, "You're staring at me." It turns out that Brass is staring because he had a hard time recognizing Kay too. We quickly get a little exposition out of the way -- Kay hates her job, hates the Hot Stick guy, but she's got to support a sick mother, so she's not about to rack Hot Stick, Big Tipper. So Brass asks for Kay's Meerschaum pipe, which she happens to have in her purse, although he declines to tell her it's because he wants to test the tobacco brand.

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