Who Shot Sherlock?

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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Gil asks for prints; a horrified Watson asks, "Why?" Gil replies, "Elementary. So we can rule you out." Heh. There's some more explanation as to why they want the prints (to see how they match against the study) and Brass advises Moriarty to sober up and drop the accent. He replies, "I can't. I'm English." And heh again.

Since this is, of course, a literary crime, this means Liam is examining the study while a violin plays on the soundtrack. It's nice, but it's no "Danse Macabre," the violin arrangement of which kicks off my favorite British detective series, Jonathan Creek. One listen to those opening credits, and you're spoiled on mysterious violin tracks for life. Anyway, we establish that: a) there's pipe tobacco in the carpet; b) the crappy lock was wrecked in what looks like a break-in; c) there's a small piece of mother-of-pearl from something; d) at one point, Kingsley had a family, but it was when he was much younger, if the picture's anything to go by; e) Kingsley was auctioning his entire Holmes collection of gewgaws and doodads on a site that in no way infringes on eBay's look or feel. Sara and Liam share these discoveries with one another. Liam also points out the blood-spattered copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles he found. Sara says, "I read that in tenth grade." "I was supposed to," Liam replies. It's odd that someone who's been chomping at the bit to solve crimes would be so indifferent to a literary character who's considered a master at placing evidence into context. What's next -- Liam dissing Encyclopedia Brown for being squaresville? Sara smiles at this admission. I am amazed that she's so vivacious with Liam. Am I the only one who remembers her shooting him down -- really, fragging might be a better term -- in earlier seasons? I am? Okay, then. The point to this scene is not that Sara's thawed toward Liam, but that there's blood on the spine of the book, and the spatter goes across and over, so the blood on the book's spine isn't from Kingsley's fatal wounding. "You think an obsessive neat freak like our vic would leave something like that on a prized possession?" Liam asks. Sara thinks there's only one way to find out. A séance it is!

I can't be blamed for the ghost reference: Warrick's standing in the middle of a mountain road and watching a vehicle that's run away from Disney's Haunted Mansion bear down on him. It could be worse, Warrick You could be staring down a runaway teacup from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. And why is Warrick on this lonesome desert road, you ask? Because he and Nicky are charged with figuring out why someone who drive off the road and down a steep hill, into a tree.

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