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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Liam stumbles down the hall in something of a daze, and the too-casual Nicky stops talking to the "I'm in the hall, posed casually? Why, I hadn't noticed!" Warrick, the better to tell Liam that Gil wants to see him. Liam stands there, and Warrick helpfully adds, "Like, now. In his office." Liam turns around, sighs, and sulks some more, then heads in. The chair is occupied by a figure with its back to Liam. He says levelly, "Grissom, you wanted to see me?" By means of remote control, the chair whirls around and we see a sign around Ballistic Joe's neck -- it reads "YOU PASSED."

In comes the old night shift to fete Liam. Everyone pops out of the recesses smiling and clapping. Sara hugs Liam, as does Catherine. Gil's wearing a proud, paternal grin. Ecklie pops in, just in time to grin, "Congratulations, Sanders. Good work." Aiigh! Where did he come from? He has unnatural snake-like stealth. Ecklie then pulls a completely unnecessary dickhead move by being all, "Well, now the party's over. Move it along, peasants." Everyone makes a show of leaving while Gil watches impassively. Liam takes advantage of the crowd leaving to say, "I don't get it. I got the wrong guy, the wrong manner of death --" "I don't expect you to be correct in all your interpretations all the time. You collected the evidence, you thought there was something missing, you went back and found it. Hey, that's the job. Congratulations," Gil says, sincerely.

Then the minute Ecklie slithers out of sight, everyone comes back in with champagne and flutes. Gil watches his family celebrate together, observing and happy to see everyone he's worked with and supervised in one place. For him, that's apparently enough.

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