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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Time to look at any other suspects with access to morphine or surgical tubing! Good thing That Woman mentioned her terminally ill mother a while back, huh? Liam is not making the connection nearly so quickly, in part because he is still shriveling in the white-hot glare of Gil's disappointment.

He slinks into the lab a little while later, where Gil is examining the surgical tubing under a microscope. Liam tells us he revisited the suspects' medical records and gosh darn it, none of them were ever prescribed morphine. As Liam makes a case for Watson on account of his security guard gig maybe putting him in close proximity to drugs, Gil slices open the surgical tube with a scalpel and finds some tobacco. He orders Liam to run a comparison, as they're bound to match someone.

And the someone is That Woman, who's now slouched at one end of the interrogation table as Brass asks from the other end, "Do you like your life?" Answer: no. After spending all day being treated as brainless eye candy, she gets to go home to her dying mom and "try giving enough attention to someone who never gave you any growing up." Liam watches this through the fishbowl and looks very sad. Brass yanks this to its inevitable conclusion. The Sherlock Holmes club was an escape, as it was "the one place I could go every week where no one was staring at my breasts or grabbing my butt. The one place I could talk, think..." So, yes, Kay kind of snapped when her refuge was razed without warning. And then, given that she spends all her free time reading murder mysteries and dissecting criminals' fatal errors, Kay makes the oddest mistake of all: she completely rolls over after Brass lays out his case: "Okay, why don't I tell this like a story, the end of a story, all right? Because I like the part where the detectives solve the crime. So here goes: the morning of the murder, you broke into Kingsley's house -- that's easy enough, the locks are crummy, he's not there. You replaced his cocaine with morphine because you knew he was a creature of habit. So now all you had to do is wait. " We then flash to Kingsley passing out and Kay pulling the gun out of the fake fireplace, setting Kingsley's hand on the trigger, and engineering his death. After a moment to marvel at the effects, she lets the gun fly back into the chimney.

Brass continues, "So you drop some of Dr. Watson's pipe tobacco on the carpet, scoop up some of Denny's blood to splash on Watson's shoes later. Why the elaborate frame-up of Watson? He had as much to lose as you?" And then -- whirrrr! That's the approximation of the spinning sound as Kay rolls, crying, "He's the one who told Denny to give it all up and go back to his family. He's the one who wanted to be Sherlock Holmes because he didn't care what it was doing to me!" And then Kay heads round the bend, putting on a British accent and saying, "You see, Detective, Denny would have wanted his murder to be the perfect puzzle. A mystery worthy of the master." The violin begins shrieking as we go into the hackneyed mad-laughter-of-the-murderer routine, and behind the glass, Liam is slowly realizing that his exposure to people who kill for stupid reasons is about to increase about 1000 percent.

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