Who Shot Sherlock?

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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Catherine heads outside and Ecklie's laying in wait, like a large and particularly torpid snake. He starts off with the fake naïveté: "I thought you told me you closed the Cory Demayo case." Catherine declines to incriminate herself. Ecklie then moves to the fake omnipotence: "Catherine, nothing happens in this lab I don't know about." Her marriage to Eddie having provided field training for dealing with blustering frauds, Catherine knows how to handle this: "I'm sure you know the case is closed." Now comes Ecklie's migration to the fake menace: "Did I make a mistake in promoting you?" Well, yeah, because he didn't hire someone who's cowed by empty threats. Catherine proves this with, "Yeah. You should have given me the day shift. But I'm making it work!" She saunters off, and Ecklie fumes impotently. Ecklie is an idiot, because he made the fatal mistake of assuming everyone on Gil's shift was as politically clumsy as Gil, and that any promotions from that group could be easily handled. And now two of his three shift supervisors think he's an assclown -- and I say two out of three only because we have no idea who the day shift supervisor is or what s/he thinks.

Speaking of people who think Ecklie's an assclown supreme, it's Gil. He's reviewing Liam's report and getting hung up on the line where Liam reports that the syringe was full of morphine. Given that Sherlock Holmes was a cokehead -- as was Kingsley -- there's no reason for the morphine. Especially since further flipping through the file supports Kingsley's cocaine habit.

Gil heads down to the locker room where Liam is changing into his civvies. He tries to catch Liam's attention, but since Liam's got his headphones on, Gil's finally getting a fair idea of what it was like for everyone else during Season Three. Gil eventually snaps, "Hey! MTV Boy!" and the thought of MTV playing music videos is so ridiculous to Liam, he's shocked into taking his headphones off. Gil shoots with his question: "According to the autopsy, the victim showed the effects of long-term cocaine abuse, but according to Tox, the substance in the victim's syringe is a 7% solution of morphine. The victim was an obsessive-compulsive. In the stories, Holmes' preferred stimulant was a 7% solution of cocaine, not morphine." Liam deflates. He replies, "Evidence out of context." Gil asks, "Did you ever consider the possibility that the victim didn't realize what he was injecting himself with?" No, Liam did not. Gil makes the duck face of disapproval. Liam slowly says, "Someone switched the victim's coke with morphine?" Gil spells it out: "You found the victim's fingerprints on the gun, but you found no prints on the surgical tubing. No epithelials either. Does that make sense if it was a suicide?" Liam is forced to concede it does not.

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