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Elementary, Dear Grissom

Meanwhile, Warrick and Nicky have stumbled on the solution to busy single mom Catherine's love life woes -- they're making her a man that'll never cheat. The things some people will do to please their managers… Kidding! They're making a human dummy out of ballistic gel, and judging from Catherine's hissy upon discovering it, they have yet to point out that this model is unlikely to go driving her daughter into any drainage ditches or spend its free time porking the help.

She snaps, "Do you have any idea how much Ballistic Joe here costs?" Instead of replying, "Enough to keep you warm and happy at night. Because you're worth it," Warrick veers into belligerent territory instead: "I didn't know you did." Someone has issues with his workplace crush getting promoted. Catherine blusters that she okayed the boys continuing work on this case because she thought they were going to go over notes and case files. Warrick begins arguing for the evidence: "We found electrical burn marks on the roll bars and the Jeep's undercarriage, and we found blown-out fuses on the instrument panel and the starter. That would explain why the Jeep wasn't running." Nicky adds that he called Nevada Power and they confirmed a downed power line the day of the accident. Catherine realizes where they're going with this: "You're saying the victim was electrocuted." And now all the boys have to do is prove it.

Which they fail to do the first time they test their theory. By this point, Catherine's all about watching Ballistic Joe jiggle for science, so it's with some irritation that she says, "Congratulations. You killed the Jeep, but the victim's still alive. The current never made it past zero. So either your theory's wrong, or you've got a problem with your experiment. Are there any variables in the case that haven't been duplicated here?" Why, yes -- Ballistic Joe is plumb nekkid. After dressing him in the dead man's clothing and running the experiment again, we have our answer.

Warrick: So the current went into the vehicle through the roll bar, and out through the undercarriage.
Catherine: It needed an entry point and exit point.
Nicky: Entry through the, uh, watch on his wrist. Exit through the rivets in his shorts.
Catherine: Right across his heart, stopping it cold.

And then Catherine trails off to engage in a little reverie wherein all the men who wronged her suffer similar accidents. The rest of us see this blameless specimen suffer his fatal moment of stupidity -- driving right into a downed power line. After we watch the accident one more time, thereby amortizing the stunt cost/airtime ratio, we come back to the present, where Catherine is sheepishly telling the boys, "I know I've never told you guys this before, but hide the evidence." Nicky laughs, then says, "Thanks for getting our back." Catherine reminds him, "We're a team, guys." But not enough of a team for Catherine to help Warrick clean up. Oh, it's all so comic.

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