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Elementary, Dear Grissom

They'll have to do that later. We're returning to the A-plot, where Liam is examining the mother-of-pearl chip and noticing some red dust on it. He then approaches Gil as the supervisor is sitting there at his desk working, and says nervously, "I want to go back to the crime scene." Gil takes off his glasses, a sure sign that he's intrigued. Or reacting. Or irritated. Okay, so it's not really a sure sign. Just suffice it to say that Gil responds.

We're now back at 221-B Basement Flat, and Liam's explaining that he identified a trace on the edge of that chip as being red clay dust, commonly associated with fireplace bricks. I'm kind of curious as to why Trace Lab Virtuoso Hodges didn't pick this up. You'd think he would have. I guess the fact that Liam did is supposed to demonstrate his nascent CSI qualities. Anyway, the dust piqued Liam's interest, and when he gets to the fireplace, he hunkers down. Gil watches Liam examine the fireplace and asks, "So what are you looking for?" Still gazing into the fireplace, Liam explains, "The killer obviously left with the gun. And if there was some kind of struggle, maybe the killer left behind some skin fragments, or a strand of hair." Oh, that's lame -- Kingsley was completely incapacitated by the morphine. He's not fighting anybody. Gil more or less points that out by saying in the careful tones reserved for dealing with slow people, "Was there any evidence of a struggle in this room?" Liam is forced to admit there was not. He crawls into the fireplace to hide his shame, and conveniently stumbles upon the gun, which has been dangling there in the chimney, suspended by surgical tubing. The violin plays the "At last! A discovery!" chord.

When we get back from commercials, we're closing in on the magical 48-minute mark, so you know everything counts from here on out. As we see Kingsley pull the tube-tied gun toward him, Sara VOs, "He committed suicide?" "The man was a credit to his genre," Liam says. He further explains, "[Kingsley] runs a loop of surgical tubing through the weapon, secured inside the chimney. A shot of morphine a few minutes earlier takes the edge off." Sara looks at the photograph of the hanging gun and adds, "[The morphine] provides extra insurance in case the gun doesn't finish the job." We see the suicide in flashback, tastefully shot from behind. Liam muses that it would have been easy for Kingsley to plant Watson's brand of tobacco ash on the floor, adding, "I figure Sherlock drew his own blood in advance, and then sprayed it on Watson's shoes at their last meeting." Sara says skeptically, "The world's greatest detective makes his suicide look like murder. Why would he try and frame his best friend in the process?" Liam replies, "Well, Watson said they were friends, but who knows what kind of relationship they really had? Maybe they hated each other. Maybe Dennis couldn't stand the thought of anyone else being Sherlock. Besides, I thought motive wasn't our business." Heh. Sara smiles again -- yes, again. I can't explain it either. She admits that they're not in the motive business and tells Liam to write up his report for Gil. She adds, "Way to go." Liam is much less elated about this than you'd think he would be.

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