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Rabbit, Run

Vegas during the day: we see le ersatz Eiffel Tower from the Paris casino, a large construction site, and other scenes designed to convey that daylight-in-Vegas feeling, i.e. the feeling that it's okay to sleep until dusk because you're not really missing much. The background music has been reduced to a single percussive beat. The reason for this becomes readily apparent as a sweaty and nervous middle-aged man (played by Tom Irwin, or Graham Chase to some of you) walks into a bank with a large briefcase. He shuffles up to the counter, lays down a crumpled and stained withdrawal slip for $1 million, and says, "I'll need to make a withdrawal." The bank teller stammers nervously, "I'll, um, need to see some identification." Cue a montage in which he whips out a driver's license, the bank bureaucrats get involved, and suspicions are aroused by the sweaty, jittery manner in which the man -- who, for brevity's sake, I'm just going to introduce as Roy Logan -- is awaiting the money. Logan's shouting of, "Is there a problem here?" may also be fanning the flames of mistrust. He looks up at the clock -- ten minutes 'til 5 PM -- and then at the security camera. We then go to the security tape: grainy black-and-white footage of Logan waiting. We see a time-stamp for 5:36 PM, implying that verifying the request to take out a million bucks in cash (or scaring it up) is a time-intensive process. Logan gets progressively more agitated as he waits. He finally has the money, and declines an invitation to be escorted to his car. As he pulls out, he notices a police car driving slowly down the street. Naturally, he immediately makes like Mario Andretti; the cruiser flips on its lights and announces to the dispatcher that they're in pursuit of a reckless driver. The cop eventually pulls Logan over and, as Logan wildly pantomimes that he may be in the middle of having a coronary or something equally stressful, his cell phone begins to ring. As the cop asks Logan, "You gonna get that?" he happens to notice that the man's knuckles are coated in blood. This prompts an invitation to step out of the car and put the hands in plain view. Logan does.

Cut to Gil and Catherine walking down the hall, expositing as they head toward interrogating Logan. We find out that Logan is in real estate and sits on the mayor's committee to revitalize downtown. I had no idea Las Vegas's downtown was in peril. I mean, it's quiet, and you don't see super-size tourists waddling around clutching giant plastic cups filled with quarters, but maybe the city needs a time-out zone. Anyway, Gil and Catherine walk into the tank and Logan immediately says, "I'm not saying anything without my lawyer." Gil assures Logan that he won't have to say anything, and slips on a pair of latex gloves. Logan now looks downright afraid. Catherine comes over and asks Logan to put his hands out, palms up, and swabs the dried blood. She then looks up and says, "I'm also going to need you to strip." Logan looks over to Gil and sputters, "What?" Gil shrugs and says, "Vegas."

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