The Execution Of Catherine Willows

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The Executioner's Stall

Cut to a pile of dirt, Gil wiping his brow, and Nicky saying, "Well, we've got something else to hold Reston on: illegal burial of a domestic animal." He throws a handful of dirt back on the corpse of a dog. Gil notes correctly, "Weak." Nicky's going to rebury the dog. Wuh? Wouldn't now be the time to dispose of it properly? Gil sums up the situation with, "So Debbie Reston never showed up at work and she's not buried in the back yard. Where did Debbie go?"

Mr. Reston is no help; he slurs, "I don't know her schedule. She works, goes to school. I hardly ever see her." And he's secretly consumed with bitterness that they don't have the same kind of codependent relationship Molly Ringwald had with Harry Dean Stanton in Pretty in Pink. Brass says contemptuously, "She's seventeen. She lives in your house. You're going to have to do better than that." Reston shocks nobody when he opines that his daughter is ashamed of him and is counting the days until she graduates and can move out. The only useful piece of information he shares is that Debbie has a blue convertible VW. Brass says slowly, "And as a concerned parent, you're going to ask me to put out a broadcast, aren't you?" Brass continues to ask questions pertaining to the car as Gil watches from the booth outside the interrogation room. Sara comes in, fresh from a session with the makeup artist that normally menaces the CSI: Miami crew. She tells Gil that the blood all over Reston's shirt is his own. The towel's dismissed too -- although eight markers in the blood match Reston's, and probably point to Debbie, there isn't enough blood on the towel, and it's easily explained away with your standard cut-myself-while-shaving injury. Meanwhile, Reston is busy putting his foot in it by asking Brass, father of Ellie, "You got kids? They think it's all about them. Like I owe her." Brass spits, "You owe your daughter more than being a drunk. I think maybe jail might be the best thing for you right now." Reston's all, "I think she just took off, like her mother." Sara shakes her head in disgust: "Can you believe this guy? I wouldn't blame his kid if she just took off." Gil nods.

As he and Sara leave, Buzz catches them in the hall and fills them in on the Western LVU case, ending with, "Prints just came back. Matches your missing girl, Debbie Reston." Oh, this makes me sad. I was really hoping she'd be okay; the poor girl never caught a break, did she? Buzz tells them his guys will find the car, and lets Gil know that "they're posting her now."

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