The Execution Of Catherine Willows

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The Executioner's Stall

As it turns out, Catherine's escape really isn't of the Calgon-take-me-away variety. Detective Buzz has called her to Western LVU because "your name's on the memo." Catherine wants to know what memo, and Buzz tells her, "Young female, bound, trash bag. Copycats come out of the woodwork every time there's an execution." Damn, Texas must have its hands full. Come to think of it, so does Virginia; I wonder if the Norfolk Department of Justice lab is open 24/7 to handle all the work. Catherine groans, "Mathers's attorney's going to have a field day." Buzz reassures her with, "Everyone liked Mathers for the Kent and Reese cases. The DA wouldn't file because he had a slam-dunk with Charlene Roth. How many times can you fry a guy?" The two of them examine the plastic-wrapped mass, and Catherine notes, "Body dump. Just like fifteen years ago." As Catherine surveys the body, she keeps flashing back to other, nearly identical crime-scene photos.

Catherine begins taking photos. She also pulls out a cicada's molt from the woman's hair and wonders aloud what it is. Emergency Backup David wins my eternal love by using "bailiwick" correctly when he says, "That's Grissom's bailiwick, not mine." Warrick comes over to look at the dead body and ask Catherine what she's got. I'm going to guess it's a headache. I guessed wrong -- Catherine's looking on the bright side, if by "bright side," you mean "cicada casing and black fibers." Emergency Backup David then takes the body. Catherine asks Warrick, "How come I get you?" Because you're a lucky, lucky woman. Warrick replies, "Grissom says it's in case Mathers gets overturned and you get swamped." Catherine replies, "Well, I'm glad to have the help." Warrick comments, "This looks familiar." Catherine thinks it's a little too familiar, and then she and Warrick set to the task of figuring out how the girl got here.

Back at the Restons', Gil is cataloguing the back yard while Nicky runs what looks like a forensic version of a metal detector over the ground; I think it's a ground radar device. Once it starts beeping, the screen shows what appear to be vertebrae, and Nicky calls out, "Hey, Gris, I've got a density change. The screen's showing something." Gil comes over and asks about the depth estimate; Nicky thinks that whatever it is, is buried about two and a half feet down. Gil says, "Oh, dear. Shovels and screens, chutes and ladders." Nicky understands, which is good, because I don't.

David the Scissoring Coroner is busy cutting the plastic bag away, and we see the dirt-stained body of the woman curled up in the fetal position, hands bound. Emergency Backup David begins snapping photos while David keeps her in the same position in which she was found. David instructs, "She's in rigor...at least twelve hours. Get out your ten card; you're going to need to print her. But watch out for this paint, because Catherine's going to want to see it."

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