The Execution Of Catherine Willows

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The Executioner's Stall

Meanwhile, back at Maison de la Reston, Nicky and Gil are checking out the backyard, which was apparently ordered from Squalor.com immediately before this scene. The presence of a shovel and a recently spaded swath of dirt does not bode well for Mr. Reston. The two then catch sight of a small shed, and begin poking around that. Nicky catches sight of a Glock with laser sighting just lying out on a workbench. He says dryly, "Mr. Reston was a bit of a garage tinkerer." Gil grumbles, "Great. Drunks with guns." He then notices an empty gun case and hauls it up for closer inspection; it should hold an M11-9, but doesn't. Sara, who's shown up, comments, "He didn't have any kind of weapon on him." I'm assuming she's discounting the near-lethal alcohol fumes rolling off Mr. Reston. Sara announces that she's taking Mr. Reston's shirt back to Liam, and Nicky asks her to take the bloody towel along too. She agrees. Sara comments on the general filth and the experience of processing a slovenly alcoholic by noting, "After this place, I need a shower." She takes off. Gil begins to move back toward Nicky, and notices a board creaking. Nicky notices too. Gil does a little shuffle off to Buffalo, the floor creaks again, and Gil drops to his knees to roll back the dusty rug and pull up the extremely loose boards. Nicky notes the weapons cache below; you just know that he's mentally making a note to move his own Day Of Justice inventory to the inside of the couch frame or something. Nicky finds the M11, and a sixteen-round magazine which has already had fourteen rounds fired. Gil says, "Up to fourteen rounds expended and unaccounted for." Nicky adds, "Missing girl's old man has blood all over him. Blood in her room..." Gil says, "I think it's time for dear old Dad to go to detox."

And it's time for Catherine to get her caffeine fix. She's telling the barista at a local shop, "I'd like a vanilla iced soy latte," when the couple we saw during the execution -- Tom and Sally Roth -- approach her. Sally explains, "My husband Tom heard from a friend that you came here." Catherine says politely, "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Sally says sadly, "We're Charlene Roth's parents." Catherine inhales; she apologizes, "I'm sorry. I didn't recognize you." She probably didn't want to -- given how many cases the CSIs work, the number of grieving friends and relatives they deal with sometimes must be overwhelming, so not cataloguing them all is probably for the best. Tom stammers, "We were just wondering if you had any news." Catherine says, not unkindly, "Any news has to go through the attorney general's office. I can't divulge any information on an open case." "He was convicted. It is not an open case to us," Sally says. Catherine ducks nicely by saying, "I was confident at the trial, I'm still confident now. The evidence is solid." Sally continues, "If they overturn the convic--" as Tom talks over her, "We just can't go through another trial." Catherine's looking a little panicky; fortunately, her cell phone rings and she's able to make her retreat that way. I do feel for Tom and Sally, though: it's hard enough when someone you love dies unexpectedly for no discernible reason, but dealing with the criminal justice system afterward can be frustrating, and it's so easy to get to a point where you're cornering someone, anyone for some answers so you can get a handle on things. This scene broadcast that sense of helplessness perfectly, and managed to nail Catherine's response too.

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