The Execution Of Catherine Willows

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The Executioner's Stall

Meanwhile, the execution continues. Catherine watches the man die, looking very stricken. Tom is watching with a look of grim satisfaction on his face; it's obvious he's waited fifteen years for this moment. Sally is still holding a picture of Charlene, but she turns from the execution for a moment, catches Catherine's expression, and grabs on to her hand. As Mathers dies, Catherine is blinking back tears.

Brass and Gil are sitting at Brass's desk, and Brass is telling Gil, "I don't know much about bugs, but most animals hunt in their own backyard." Gil takes off his glasses -- a sure sign he's tired -- and says, "True of most insects as well. You know why?" Brass says, "It's where they feel most comfortable." Gil corrects him: "And where they can blend in the best. This guy had ties to Western LVU. He paints a railing on a campus walkway. I tried it; it took me about five minutes." Brass replies, "My guys were all over that school. Nobody remembers seeing anything." Gil continues, "Probably because there wasn't much to see. He must have looked as though he belonged. Like the insects, he blended in." Brass sighs, and pulls out a bottle of liquor, asking Gil, "You off the clock?" Gil is now. While they're talking, we see a dozen different men in glasses walking down the walkway, underscoring the needle-in-a-haystack odds of finding the killer.

Catherine exits the penitentiary, running a gauntlet of protestors.

The camera switches back to Brass drinking (my guess: whiskey) and saying, "He's going to kill again." Gil takes a drink and says, "Yeah. And all we've got is a partial fingerprint, and an M.O. that may lead us in the right direction." Brass comments, "Sometimes in this job, I'd rather be lucky than good. Maybe next time, we'll get lucky." Gil stares morosely at his drink and says, "I don't believe in luck. My only real purpose is to be smarter than the bad guys, to find the evidence that they didn't know they left behind, and make sense of it all. It makes me very uncomfortable to realize that this guy may be smarter than me." And he drinks, as the screen goes black.

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