The Execution Of Catherine Willows

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The Executioner's Stall

Back in the lab, Catherine's dropping in on Jacqui, who wasn't able to get any prints off the old bag. Catherine says, "That's all right. You can make it up to me. I've got a new case, and a new bag." Cue Jacqui making it up to Catherine by doing the vacuum metal deposition treatment and finding a partial print. She tells Catherine, "I've gotten a hit off less." Catherine's reassured.

Meanwhile, Sara's analyzing the fiber Catherine pulled from Debbie Reston's hair; it's trilobal, meaning it's from vehicle upholstery. Warrick says, "It's not from her car; the upholstery's grey." As he's saying this, the camera's swinging around so we can see all three of them wearing lab coats and seated at separate microscopes. Sara thinks this is good, as it indicates that the killer transported the body by vehicle. As Nicky points out, "You can't carry a body in plain sight on campus, even at night." Sara gets an ID on the fiber;it's a generic Chevy. The three of them then begin putting their separate pieces together.

Warrick: The glass on the left [side of his scope] isn't polarized. It doesn't change color.
Nicky: Okay, the guy broke the bulb on purpose.
Sara: Gives him an advantage -- the cover of darkness.
Warrick: I'll buy that, but the glass on the right was the one from the cuts in her hand, and it matches the glass Catherine found near the water fountain.
Sara: Confirms that Debbie fought with her attacker.
Nicky: I haven't been in this episode because I was busy planning the day when I -- oh. It's my line. Suspect's at minute 1.25.
Warrick: What is that, 20/80. That's, like, half of mine. That's not much of a correction.
Sara: Right. We're looking for a guy with a 20/80 prescription who drives a Chevy with a black interior.

Everyone laughs ruefully and gets back to work.

Catherine's walking through the labitrail when Liam accosts her. "I got your report from the Feds," he says excitedly. Catherine wonders how he got it, and Liam answers, "Because they returned the DNA evidence to me. I took a look at the results -- didn't think you'd mind, and --" Catherine corrects him: "I do." She takes the report. It looks like Campbell's getting the "Neener, neener..." copy after all -- all six hairs are a match to Mathers. Catherine concludes, "He raped and murdered Charlene Roth." Liam sums up, "Dead-bang, hair-tight, goodnight, John." Catherine puts down the report, a bit appalled at Liam's flippancy, and asks pointedly, "How you doing with that twist-tie, Liam?" He's about to take a hint and begin working on it right now.

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