The Execution Of Catherine Willows

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The Executioner's Stall

Within seconds, Gil has teleported to the fountain; he looks up at the broken safety lamp above the fountain. He points out that they did find glass in the lacerations on her right hand. I'm looking forward to the explanation of how they got there, because I know she didn't levitate up to the bulb in a desperate attempt to escape her killer. Warrick hunkers down and picks up a piece of...something. Sara comments, "He painted the railing and waited by the water fountain. Victim was like a fly in a spiderweb." Wow, I'm really distracted by the make-up in this scene; the smoky-eye look is for nighttime only, and someone needs to tell the make-up department that. We see Debbie washing her hand, her image reflected in someone's Elvis Costello glasses. Gil says, not unhappily, "We just learned something about the prior murders." Catherine sighs, "Yeah, that's what the blue paint was all about." Gil asks, "And if we just learned about it now, how did the copycat killer know?"

Back at the handrail, Sara notes, "Looks like Debbie Reston isn't the only one to get paint on her hands." Gil underscores the predatory nature of the killer with, "Maybe he was waiting until he saw the girl he wanted." Sara correctly observes, "That's creepy," then moves to get the fire department to hack out part of the railing and take it back to the lab. Meanwhile, Catherine's looking at a tree over by the fountain, while Warrick pokes around the underbrush. He finds Debbie's backpack and wallet, undisturbed. Catherine notices another cicada carcass on a tree, and Gil comes over to ask what Catherine's up to; she tells him she found something similar in Debbie's hair. Gil tells her, "With the exception of the termite queen, the cicada is the longest-living insect. It spends seventeen years dormant underground, and then the cicada nymph emerges and sheds its skin. As adults, they flit around for about five weeks of activity in the hot sun, and then they die." Catherine comments, "They spend their whole lives waiting for the end." Gil tips his hand on how he really feels about capital punishment when he replies, "Not unlike death row."

Warrick's picked out the spot where the killer must have been hiding, as it affords a clear view of both the path and the rail. Gil hunkers by the fountain, trying to set up a scenario where Debbie's got her right hand in the fountain, her left hand on the water handle, and her back to the killer. Warrick figures this is how the killer caught Debbie off-guard. In the meanwhile, Catherine's found some polarized glass -- it's more likely to be from eyeglass lenses than from a light bulb. Gil says, "She was a black belt -- maybe she fought back." Warrick adds, "That would explain why she had defensive wounds and none of the other victims did."

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