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The Wages Of Sin...

Vartann asks, "In the middle of nowhere, just like that?" and Prior Walter claims, "She wanted out." Sara snaps, "I bet she did. Where'd you get the scratches on your neck?" "Where'd you get the super X-ray vision to see in the shadows?" Prior Walter snaps back. Oh, he does not. He says he was in a bar fight a few nights ago. What kind of bar fight was it? Did it involve hair-pulling and sissy-punching? Vartann asks if they can look inside his truck and Prior Walter's all, "Whatever it takes to get me back on the road and motoring back to a career where I win more Obies." The other truckers watch judgmentally. This is probably why Prior Water gets his ass kicked in hair-pulling bar fights.

But it's not looking good for him in the here and now, because Sara's just found a pink sweater. We transition immediately to Prior Walter in the interrogation cell. Or in a whole other show, since he appears to have been ushered into a room with a black wall and told, "Talk like you're one of the great unwashed. And...action!" Prior Walter's explaining, "I was just trying to help that chick out." Sara takes this to mean, "I sexually assaulted this woman, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to support that conclusion." Prior Walter insists it wasn't like that. The camera gets all menacing as he insists, "I'm a happily married man...I just gave her a ride." Sara insists, "We already know what you did. Evidence? Who needs that to assume that you raped a hitchhiker, then set her on fire? I'd rather just assume the worst of you." DAMN, but the way she's just ASSUMING bugs here. Follow the evidence? At this point, Sara and Vartann would need Mapquest and two days to get back from their erroneous conclusion to the evidence. Fortunately, Prior Walter puts them in their place with, "Looks like you already got your answers. Which means I want a lawyer."

Now we see pictures of Morgan Stewart on the bed, looking none too alive. Warrick's holding them and explaining that Ballistics Bobby's already run the bullets and come back with information about the gun. Turns out it was registered to Morgan. It's worth noting that Warrick holds his evidence briefs during his morning cardio workout; he's doing laps through the Labitrail, with Nicky and Catherine trotting alongside. Ah, multitasking. Nicky wonders if maybe they're looking at "a murder-suicide -- guy kills his family, then turns the gun on himself?" Warrick's not ruling it out, because "Morgan Stewart was in debt up to his eyeballs. He was in danger of losing his house." I'd feel worse for Morgan if it weren't evident that he and Corinne were not living a subsistence existence. Anyway, rather than make a comment about rampant consumerism and the pressure some people feel to live beyond their means, Catherine goes for the low-hanging fruit and sighs, "Never underestimate the fragility of the male ego." And never underestimate the offensiveness of sexism in any form, Catherine. If a male supervisor had said something like "Never underestimate the power of the lady shopper" to her or Sara, he would have been explaining his gender-based theories of economics to the head of HR so fast, his head would have been spinning. The incredulous scoffs Nicky and Warrick exchange more or less say the same thing.

And now Catherine's off to insult David the XY Coroner, so long as she's man-bashing. I kid. She's actually listening as David explains of Morgan, "Bullet enters with a marginal abrasion on the underside of the chin. The wound path traverses the oral cavity, brain and the high scalp just right at the midline. Bullet exited with a stellate laceration of the right parietal scalp." Corinne Stewart was shot in the back, and "the hemorrhagic wound paths traverse the skin, subcutaneous tissue and musculature on the right side of the back. The trajectory is back to front, right to left and slightly downward." And twirling. Always twirling. Catherine asks about little Dani, and we move from the morgue tables to the fridge, have a flashy little shot of the child's chilled corpse, and find out that -- surprise! -- a kid found floating facedown in a swimming pool actually drowned. That's actually kind of a shock for this show. Catherine asks if there's any trauma to the body, and David mentions a fractured rib, as one would normally have if one had just had CPR performed. Catherine says as much, and David points out, "The EMT's report states that she already had the injury when they found her at the scene." Catherine's eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Well, I guess they have to: they're pulling the expressive weight for the rest of her face. Catherine then theorizes, "Maybe this all started with the accidental death of a child."

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